Falling For You

When Ava and her friend Izzy go to a concert, Ava forgets her phone at her seat and is greeted by Harry Styles. Harry is suddenly in love with Ava, a girl he had only met for 5 minutes. Ava can't stop thinking about Harry and wants to see him again so badly that it hurts.

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5. Drive

"Ava?" Harry called out into the dark.

"I'm over here babe."

Harry walked over to the side of the cliff and sat down next to me. We stared at the stars, pointing out the planets surrounding earth. I turned to Harry.

"Is it different wherever you are?"

"Is what different?" He asked me.

"The world, the stars."

"A bit, but when I look up I'll know you'll be seeing it too, right?"

I looked away, "Yeah."

Harry wrapped his arm around me and kissed me with force. He pulled away, "You're amazing Ava."

I laughed, "You just met me Harry."

We sat in silence and caught a few shooting stars. I didn't want to leave. Not now, not ever. 

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