Falling For You

When Ava and her friend Izzy go to a concert, Ava forgets her phone at her seat and is greeted by Harry Styles. Harry is suddenly in love with Ava, a girl he had only met for 5 minutes. Ava can't stop thinking about Harry and wants to see him again so badly that it hurts.

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1. Count Me In


I laughed as I clicked on another video of the boys being silly. My mom kept on asking me why I was laughing so hard. I didn't respond. I was too busy listening to Niall's laugh and looking at Harry. After watching at least twenty videos, I decided to go on a run.

My phone buzzed as I was walking out the front door. It was my friend Izzy. 


Izzy: guess wut?!

Me: what?

Izzy: i just scored tickets to....

My eyes widened as I read the last text.

Izzy: ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!


I dialed her phone number. She answered, screaming.

"Ok, so I know your not like a crazy fangirl like me and you like don't follow their every move, but you have to come with me!" She yelled.

"Count me in!" I yelled back.

Izzy was right. I liked the boys, I thought that they were super funny and nice, but I didn't follow every step they took. I was just one of those girls who read stuff about them on Instagram. Nothing huge. I followed them on twitter and that's about it. But going to a concert?! I couldn't believe it!




Izzy was coming in three minutes for the concert. I had butterflies. I had never been so anxious in my life! 

When she came to the house, she greeted me with a huge hug and a deafening scream. She wouldn't stop talking about how excited she was and the latest gossip about the boys.

"Which one's your favorite?" She asked me in the car.


"Which one's your favorite? Harry? Louis? Liam? Niall? Zayn?"


"Come on!" She screamed, "You have to have one!"

I laughed, "Uhh... Well... Harry I guess."

She smiled, "Want to know mine?"

"Sure." I responded trying to grasp onto her enthusiasm.

"LIAM!" She screamed. "He's so hottttttttttt."

I rolled my eyes. 


Fifteen minutes later we arrived at the concert. There were tons of girls there, all crying to see the boys. Izzy skipped along the road as I slugged behind her. 

"Jesus Ava! Hurry up!"

"I'm coming!" 

We gave security our bags and got our bracelets.

"Hey Izzy!" I called after her.

She turned around "Yeah?"

"Where are we sitting?"

"We're not sitting." She smiled.

"Seriously where?"

"Front row baby!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. A big group of girls turned around staring at us. Izzy turned beet red. I laughed walking in front of her.

A voice came on over a speaker saying that the show would be starting in ten minutes. We raced to our seats to get a good view of the boys as they came on the stage. The lights grew dimmer and everyone began screaming. I looked down at my phone to check what time it was when Izzy began screaming super loudly. I looked up to see the boys right in front of us. 


Izzy and I sang along to the lyrics. Niall swooped down and touched our hands. Liam followed, then Zayn and Louis. Harry was singing his solo then stepped right in front of me. Izzy screamed his name and he looked down and gave her a high-five. My eyes were set on the big screen as I felt Izzy tap my shoulder. I looked over at her and then she pointed at Harry who was looking towards us on the other side of the stage. 

He caught me looking and waved. I pointed at myself making sure he was waving at me. He nodded. I smiled and waved back. Harry Styles just noticed me. I must be dreaming.


The concert flew by I was so tired and just ready to get home. We were pulling out of lot as I realized that I forgotten my phone.

"Shit!" I yelled 

"What?" Izzy said yawning.

"I forgot my phone!"

She stepped on the brakes hogging up the traffic. 

"You know what? I'll just get out and go get it. I can get a taxi home."

"Are you crazy?" She asked me.

"No. I'll be fine." I responded.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," I said getting out of the car, "See you tomorrow." I shut the door and walked back to the arena. People pushed into me and cars honked. As I arrived at the front gate, I told them that I had left my phone at my seat. They asked me for my ticket. I gave it to them and they let me in.

I walked through the empty hallways and to the stage. Once I reached my seat, I looked everywhere for it. Someone must have took it. I started walking back.

"Hey!" Someone yelled.

I turned around looking towards the stage. Harry stood there holding my phone. 

"I think I have your phone." He said.

"Thanks!" I said walking back to him.

"Your welcome, Ava."

I laughed, "Stalker much?"

"I want to get to know my fans better." He said smiling.

"I wish we could all use that excuse."

Harry laughed.

"That was a great concert." I told him.

He smiled, "I've been told."

"Damn." I giggled,  "I thought I was being original there." 


Zayn walked onto the stage. "Harry! We need to go."

"K. One sec." He responded.

I looked away. "It was very nice meeting you Harry."

"You too Ava." 

I smiled, turned around and walked away.




When I woke up the next day, I posted pictures of Izzy and I at the concert on Instagram. Then, I checked my Twitter. I had randomly gained 400 followers. I checked my mentions. I had four new ones.

@izzybb_1Dforev: @ the concert with @ava_58

@izzybb_1Dforev: Leyummm is so hottt. haha @ava_58

@Harry_Styles: @ava_58 Great meeting you love. Hopefully we'll see each other again soon. I love you(: - Harry xx

@izzybb_1Dforev: omg! @ava_58


I logged out of Twitter. WAIT WHAT?! HARRY JUST MENTIONED ME! 



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