Never Grow Up

Kendall and Destiny are complete enemies, but once two boys are involved, will they finally be friends? Or will they keep confusing each other with the wrong boy? Find out in this relatable story about how people change and become friends with the unexpected. My second fan-fic!


6. Will You Go With Me?

October 18 11:58 Destiny

My stomach rumbles with hunger as I walk out of the classroom. I see a poster October Fright Night Boys ask girls! I roll my eyes, having to wonder if some guy will ask me out. I scratch my cheek and look around for Niall.

I don't really know why I've been wondering where he is lately. Every second of every day I think Does he still hate me? But I quickly push that thought from my mind. When I am with Zayn, I don't get butterflies anymore. It is always the same thing over and over. He asks me to every dance that there is. This time, I pray that Niall will ask me out. He is always with Kendall and now I get jealous of her and him. I would do anything to go back to their friendship because honestly they were my best friends. Taylor and Vanessa are good friends but I really miss Niall and Kendall. I really don't EVER want to give up my spot as the alpha of the populars, but as I keep repeating, I MISS KENDALL AND NIALL!

I shake those thoughts from  my head and start strutting down the hall towards Zayn in my amaZayn outfit. A halloween inspired shirt, orange with sparkly black jack-o-lantern cut outs with candy corn spilling from the mouth, is what I sport today. I am wearing ripped dark-wash skinny jeans with black boots. I have my hair to the side with orange extensions running thorughout the braid on my shoulder. Dramatic nail polish and striped gloves top off my halloween trend today.

I smile at everyone I pass as I confidently walk down the hall to Zayn. On my way, I hear someone yell my name. I hear it faintly, chopping through the noise of the busy school hallway.


The raspy voice gives it all away. I turn around and grin to face her voice,


She embraces me in a warm friendly hug. She looks fantastic with her black leggings and orange tunic. Her hair is as black as her leggings are. Her silky head of hair is tied back into a high pony tail, straightened, yet not frizzy like Jessi Brown. Jessi's dark skin and dark frizzy hair just don't match. Her beautiful face is masked by a ton of straight, stiff hair. I almost feel bad for her.

But today, Vanessa looks about a 9.9 on a scale of 1-10. She is so flawless. Her bold boots make her even prettier! Orange knock-off Uggs finish her flawless look.

"Why don't you ever talk to me?"

She questions. I answer sadly,

"Nessa you know I love you, but I am really busy right now. I text you every day after school just before I go to dance class, but you never respond."

She pouts,

"Oh I know you love me I was just wondering why you never talk to me, I thought you thought I was a loser."

I hug her and say, "I have to go, please answer my texts though!" She let's go and waves. I smile and wave enthusiastically as I stare into complete space. I know where I'm headed so I just keep walking. I turn towards the music room and see Zayn talking to his mate Harris. His eyes almots pop out of his head when he sees me.

"Destiny! I was wondering where you were!"

Then Harris speaks up,

"Do you wanna sit with us at lunch today? You know without Vanessa and Taylor?"

I nod and stand proud next to Zayn, but something just doesn't feel right. I am supposed to be happy with him right? But I'm not. The more I am with Zayn, the more I like Niall. I look around to see if Niall is with Kendall anywhere because I know his locker is around here.

Then I spot him, he walks around the corner looking forward. He always gives out a positive emotion that makes you want to laugh for no reason. He always looks completely ready to smile. He goes over to his locker and opens it. He lifts all his books up and throws them into the "black hole" He slams his locker shut and goes back the way he came.


I hear Zayn scream in my ear. I jerk my head towards him and cover my ear.

"OW! What?"

He replies,

"You were zoned put there. You oka-"

Harris cuts him off with his soft spoken yet compelety annoying voice,

"ADD much?"

They both crack up while I just give a slight smile although I am offended. I ignore it and go back to the conversation.

"Its 12 we should go eat, I AM STARVING"

They smile and Zayn puts his arm around me while leading me to the cafeteria. We catch the crowd and try to wiggle our way through to no avail. I feel someone's arm brush against mine so I look around. I see Niall pushing his way through gracefully. So I let go of Zayns grip on me and follow the path he used to get through. Finally I smell the stench of curdled milk. I gag as I pass through the stink zone. Zayn chases after me,

"Destiny! God can't you chill for a second?"

I turn,

"Haha sorry I just saw a potential escape from the gym-sock smelling crowd so I went for it."

He smiles and his tongue pushes on the back of his teeth. I used to find that attractive, but now it really doesn't make a difference. I look for the table Niall always sits at but I dont see him. I don't want to make it obvious that I am not paying attention to Zayn, my boyfriend, so I look at him grinning happily. He is content with our relationship and me on the other hand am yearning for someone new, Niall.

12:16 Destiny

After getting my lunch, I meet up with Nessa and Tay before sitting down with Zayn and Harris.

"Guys Zayn asked me to sit with him and Harris. Look at them, they're alone! AH-bviosuly they want to talk to me in private."

Taylor answers,

"Maybe he wants to kiss you after school!"

I roll my eyes and giggle.

"See you later guys, I'll text you two before dance with all the details.''

I turn away and head straight for Harris and Zayn.

"Well well well boys"

I smirk playfully. They laugh and both look at each other. I swear there were secret messages being sent between those two boys' brains. No matter how hard I study the language of boys, I just can't seem to get it right. The ancient language dates back to Adam and Eve, when Adam discovered the confusing language. Ever since, it has changed so many times, you cannot learn it as fast as they use it. Once you learn it and get used to it, it changes again!

Harris looks at me without moving his head, just to show Zayn something I am so confused about. I really bet you are too.

"So Destiny, I'm going to ask you one question."

I nod and throw my hands forward and wave them as to push him forward so he will spit it out. I hear Harris's foot shuffle under the table and hit Zayn's leg. I see Zayn jerk as he opens his mouth.

"Do you-er-will you go to Fright Night with me?"

I have been predicting this pretty much as soon as I sat down. I hesitate but then realize if I make him wait, he'll think I'm not into him. I really hoped Niall would ask me first so I would automatically have an excuse to dump Zayn. I feel really bad for Zayn right now, and don't want to hurt his feelings, so I reply,


and add a grin as support for my fake agreement. Maybe, something for once will change in my life.

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