Never Grow Up

Kendall and Destiny are complete enemies, but once two boys are involved, will they finally be friends? Or will they keep confusing each other with the wrong boy? Find out in this relatable story about how people change and become friends with the unexpected. My second fan-fic!



9:53 a.m. Destiny


I call from the doorway to my boyfriend across the hall fortunutely at his locker. I am trying to  hurry up before sluggish Peter finally gathers his books and runs to his locker before his next class. "He tunrs around and smiles when he sees me,

"Destiny! Hey I was wondering where you were this morning, it's the first day of school and we barely saw each other over the summer anyway!"

I feel bad now so I look at the floor.

"Come on don't be sad, we can go to algebra and text the whole time, through Mr. Dresin introduces himself to the new kids"

I nod and lean next to him. We walk over to his locker on the other side of the hallway. He let's go of my hand and uses it to shut his locker. We take synchronized steps as we talk and walk down the hall, eyes staring at us at all angles. The back of someone's blonde head catches my eye as I walk past because of all the faces turned towards me, I have to know who this is. As soon as I break away from Zayn to go investigate, I see her face.


She looks up to me with worry. I shake my head and roll my eyes, giving a I'm-obviosuly-not-going-to-hurt-you look. I cross my arms over my chest and turn on my heel, ready to resume my catwalk-like strut to my locker. Seeing her was bad enough, I really don't feel like talking. But I hear a small voice behind me,

"Umm, hi Zayn."

I turn around once again to find Kendall staring at my boyfriend. I take a step towards her and hit the books out of her hands. That serves her right for checking out my boyfriend. I am guessing one falls on her foot because she squeals in pain and pulls her foot out of the mess of books at her feet. Zayn and I rush to her, I realy didn't mean to hurt her. I may hate her with everything I have, but I wouldn't purposely hurt her, EVER. I bend down to my knees as she scrambles to collect the books

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your foot."

The words fall out like sand throgh a wide-tooth-comb. Our eyes catch and I see relief in hers. After she picked up all her books, I stand up, without a word, and make my way to where Zayn is waiting for me to join him. I turn away from Kendall when I hear her mumble a quiet thank you. I try to ignore her and fight the urge to say an enthusiastic Your welcome! I just go close to Zayn and he laughs.

"Kendall is so funny."

I giggle because it's true! Without even realizing it, Kendall does some funny things. I smile and it lasts until I reach my locker. Zayn stands to the locker to the right of me so I can see his amazing face. He looks at me with a puzzled emotion.


I whine and smile at the same time. He just smiles even more and starts to shudder with laughter.


He says. I whine again,


He cracks up and I just fold my arms across my chest.

"Come on Destiny, don't be so grumpy!"

He lightly slaps my arm with the back of his hand. I just stay in that postiton because it always gets people to crack. He then gives in and points to the pocket in my American Eagle jeans. I see something sparkly so I look down and pull it out from my pocket. Its stuck so I slide it out of the denim like a needle thorugh a hole. It's a microphone pin.

"What the hell is this?"

He smirks. I lift one eyebrow to make sure he knows to tell me NOW.

"It's Kendall's"

As soon as I hear her name I throw it onto the floor. I kick it under the locker and ignore it.

"Now that that's over..."

I slip my iPhone out of my backpack and shake it in the air above my shoulder, away from Zayn. He goes to grab for it but I pull away too fast. He doesn't have an iPhone yet because he is saving up for one maybe when the new one comes out. He leans back and grins. I glance at the clock above the red lockers on the other side of the hall. OH NO! I only have one minute to get to class! I look into Zayn's eyes and he helps me get my books for algebra. Thank god he's here because I have to admit, my locker is a black hole. I see my glow-in-the-dark binder eluminating the bottom. I yank it out from under all the clothes and bags around it. It slips when I hear DINNNNNNNGGGGGG indicating classes will start. I pull it again, this time, with success. I stuff it into my hands and slam my locker shut with my shoulder. He grabs a notebook and my binder as we race to the other side of the enormous school.

"Race you!"

I giggle. He agrees,

"You mean LOSE?"

I roll my eyes and dash to get a head start. My purple Osiris sneakers clunk aginst the tile lining the hallways. I m extremely loud, but Zayn is catching up. When I see the familiar Seasons Dance poster, I know that Mr. Deris's class is right around the corner. I hear Zayn right behind me so I try to run faster, but I just end up pooping out and giving up to the notorious speedy Zayn. I flick his head and mess up his hair,

"See ya Zayn!"

I say as I turn the corner and weave through the crowd of people, late for class. I hop into the classroom just in time and look around at the faces staring at me. Mr. Deris just raises his eyebrows.

"And when do you expect to find your seat?"

I search the room for two empty seats near each other, but all I find is one in the back of the classroom near Mackenzie, the nicest girl, but also the most annoying. I smile as I pass and she opens a friendly grin. I take my bag off my shoulder and hang it off of my chair. I take my seat slowly and stare at the doorway wondering why Zayn is taking such a long time. Then, just as the teacher is about to shut the door, Zayn comes walking in, his hair perfect. That's what took him so long. His hair. Talk about ANNOYING!

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