Never Grow Up

Kendall and Destiny are complete enemies, but once two boys are involved, will they finally be friends? Or will they keep confusing each other with the wrong boy? Find out in this relatable story about how people change and become friends with the unexpected. My second fan-fic!


1. I'm Kendall

My name is Kendall Bousquet. I go to Beacon Valley Middle school, and let me just tell you, it's hell. Let's just say I'm not popular, and I am not a very, what you would call, trendy person. I am bullied and friends come and go like the breeze that passes by. I have only had two good friends in my entire lifetime, those who were special to me. Niall, my best guy friend, and the forbidden name, Destiny. Niall is the nicest guy I have even known. He is a natural brunette with sparkling blue eyes and a great personality. He is so fun to be around! He laughs at everything without a care in the world. He also has such an appetite! He is so funny and is soooooo nice. Niall is never bullied because he is nice to everyone. Me on the other hand, isn't so nice and calm. When people tease me and taunt me, I blow my top. I don't have very good come-backs, so defending myself verbally is out of the question. Every waking hour, I fight the urge to hit those bullies with my fists, but Niall keeps me calm and collected. The bullies taunt me about my weight, height, hair, talent, and everything they can think of to get under my skin. I try to ignore the rumors, but even as I pass teachers, I get dirty looks. They always compare me to my EX-best friend Destiny. She is skinny and is exactly like Niall, except she hates me. We had a huge fight in fourth grade when we were best friends. I always secretly wanted to be popular, to have the boys and the teachers practically praising me. So I went and tried to hang out with Taylor and Vanessa, the eternal populars. They immedietely rejected me for absolutely no reason. But by the time I left them to go back to Destiny, she had moved on. I realized I had ditched her and imagined what it felt like. I tried for weeks to get my best friend back, but she wouldn't budge. And you guessed where she went, right? The populars. She wouldn't give up her permanent spot with Taylor and Vanessa. I only had Niall, who was there the whole time. Niall, Destiny and I, were the inseperable trio, the three muskateers, the peas-in-a-pod. But it all changed when Zayn came into my life. That was the real reason I wanted to be popular, because Zayn is the most popular guy in the entire school! To have him crushing on me would be my dream! But I chose him over Destiny, so everyone toppled. I lost Zayn and Destiny. Now, Destiny is the smartest, and most popular girl in school, with the teachers favoriting her, the smart one. And the boys liking her, the pretty one. And the girls adoring her, the popular one. She is skinny with long, honey-brown hair and natural blond highlights. Everyday, she wears something different which keeps the 7th graders wondering what she's wearing next. She always has a "boyfriend" while I am stuck here with losers. And what I hate most about her.... is that she is currently dating ZAYN. My crush is going out with HER! Zayn is so cute. He is very athletic with dark skin and dark hair. His face is scientifically perfect! His hair is always adorable and and and... nevermind. I always get overwhelmed when I think about him and Destiny. I have to say, I am jealous. I am not the smartest girl in the world, but not the dumbest. Destiny made it into Gifted and Talented. She sure is gifted and defintely talented. She is extraordinary at dancing and soo many other things! She is really smart and pretty, therefore, gifted. You have to be born pretty and smart in order to be beautiful and smart. I don't know why I look up to her, because I should be caring about my own talents, right? Well, that is basically my entire social life in a paragraph. I really hope you see it my way. Then, it will be much easier to explain.

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