Never Grow Up

Kendall and Destiny are complete enemies, but once two boys are involved, will they finally be friends? Or will they keep confusing each other with the wrong boy? Find out in this relatable story about how people change and become friends with the unexpected. My second fan-fic!


2. I'm Destiny

My name is Destiny Sotiri. I would just like to start by adding, I AM DATING THE CUTEST BOY IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL. Anyway, I go to Beacon Valley Middle School, it is AMAZAYN! I have the best friends in the entire world and the best boyfriend in the entire world! He is soooooo athletic! He has dark skin and dark hair. His face is so symmetrical, he is perfect. He is the Bradford Badboy because he lives in Bradford and is the mischievious kind of boy. Taylor and Vanessa, my best friends, were always the most popular girls at school, while I was stuck at negative fifty on the social status. My old friends were Kendall and Niall. Kendall is the most shallow person I have ever met. She ditched me for Taylor and Vanessa and then tried to get me back! NEVER would I EVER! So I did the same, ditched her and Niall for Tay and Vanessa. Best choice I have ever made. I now practically rule the school with my never-wear-the-same-outfit trend. It is a very good strategy because if I keep them wondering what I am going to wear, I GET MORE ATTENTION. Simple. I am a hard worker and NEVER give up, so when they told me I couldn't dance beacause I wouldn't learn as fast as a 5 year old, it made me work even harder. Now, I am a title-winning competitive dancer. EASY A+ GOLD AWARD! I don't really like bragging about myself, but I just need to say that I am very outgoing and am very energetic adn athletic. I giggle at EVERYTHING! I don't usually annoy people with my constanst energy, I just talk a lot. I sit still, but blab my mouth off. Kendall, my EX-best friend used to say I was exactly like Niall, always talking, always laughing. I kind of resemble him with my natural honey-hair with blond highlights and crystal blue eyes, but he is a major loser and I am a trend icon. I have to admit, I was always kind of jealous of Kendall, because she is a natural beauty like everyone says I am, although I really don't see it. She has straight bleach-blond hair and coco-colored eyes. She is so skinny too! I hear people tease her that she is fat, and I worry that she will become anorexic like Hannah Gregory, the skinniest girl in the school. Kendall used to be really nice, but had and has a loud mouth and temper, short fuse, as some would call it. My life is revolved around dance, and my friends, I have no time for anything else. That is my dramatic and complicated social story. I hope you see what I side because if you don't, your a loser. Dont be a loser.

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