Never Grow Up

Kendall and Destiny are complete enemies, but once two boys are involved, will they finally be friends? Or will they keep confusing each other with the wrong boy? Find out in this relatable story about how people change and become friends with the unexpected. My second fan-fic!


8. History

October 22 8:04 Destiny

"Good Morning 7th grade!" the joyful Mrs. Sanders screams. It's another chilly day in mid-October. I look out the giant window that reveals the Oak tree outside and see red and brown leaves twirling in the wind. The huge tree droops over the school like a wicked person trying to intimidate us students. I see Mrs. Sanders shake her hands, gesturing us to return the welcome. I speak, "Good morning Mrs. Sanders" with all of the kids in my class. One angelic voice stands out in particular. The irish accent makes my stomach flutter. Niall luckily has been in my history class since the beggining of the year. He is a couple seats away from me so if I looked at him, it would be too obvious. I tap my fingers waiting for Mrs. Sanders to explain what we are going to learn about today. "Now we are going to see our chapter 2 tests, then we are going to watch a short video introducing the new chapter. Now some of you did very well, but..." she explains whilst handing out our tests. "some of you failed miserably. Most likely the ones who did not pay attention in any of last week's classes, are the ones who failed." She frowns when she gets to me, and I automatically know what my grade is, a D. Mrs. Sanders is a quirky and silly teacher, so sometimes she fools students with her facial expressions. Good! Maybe I will get an A! But as she hands me my paper face-down, I see the outline of a big red F. I hesitantly grab the paper and flip it over. I see a huge mark, indicating I failed. Except, there are words next to it.

F antastic! A!

I smile and look at her, so happy, so carefree. She circles the classroom and hops over to the Smart-Board, the electronic chalk board. She presses a button on the side and a green light shines. She goes over to her desk and starts typing on her laptop. it comes up on the board and te class sees a play button.


After sitting through 10 minutes of this video, i start to get tired. I straighten the papers in my desk and desperately think of something to do. I tap my fingers and feet to a song that has been stuck in my head all day. Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't cha wish ya girlfriend was a freak like me? Don't cha don't cha It's an old song, but I can't get it out of my head. I choreograph a dance to it in my head. I do this with almost every song. I hear the over-head speaker turn on and squeak. The teacher signals with her bony finger to her lips, to quiet down and listen. I lean on my elbow until I see everyone get up quickly, even the teacher. I snap out of my zoned out mood and run to the crowd rushing over. They all lean against the wall and I immedietely know it is a lock down drill. I love these because it takes away from class time. I sit next to Niall, on purpose. He squirms and moves over, away from me. I try to act natural. I casually look over at him and give a friendly smile. He grins back enthusiastically. Then I look away nervously. If it wasn't for the lock down, I would have talked to him. But I also wouldn't have smiled at him. good job, I say to myself. I scoot closer to him pretending to be uncomfortable. He moves closer to me too. I see him out of the corner of my eye, staring at me. I try my best to look good from the side. I smile because what I'm doing is so ridiculous. I hear the click-clacking of heels in the hallway and someone shakes our door. Niall is very energetic, he is moving all over! He has his legs crossed one minute, and the next, he has his knees up to his chest. But he's really cute, I love how he is full of energy! I hear his stomach rumble and see him pouting. He must be hungry, like always. I reach into my pocket carefully and secretly slide out a life-savor out of my stash of candy. I look at it and see that it's flavored green apple. I put it in Niall's hand as he looks up at me. When he realizes it's a life-savor, his eyes almost fall out of his head. He swiftly opens it and shoves it into his mouth with pure delight. I giggle and he nods his head as if to silently say, yummy! thanks! I look away and see Mrs. Sanders standing up. She calmy sits back down at her desk and we all know that it's time to get back to watching the most boring video. Ever.

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