Never Grow Up

Kendall and Destiny are complete enemies, but once two boys are involved, will they finally be friends? Or will they keep confusing each other with the wrong boy? Find out in this relatable story about how people change and become friends with the unexpected. My second fan-fic!


3. First Day

September 6 8:22 a.m. Destiny

I shut my locker and clutch my books against my purple crop top, ready to hurry off to class before the bell rings. "Hola!" I hear a voice yell from across the hallway. It's Taylor, my best friend. She is holding a piece of paper that says 53. I am guessing her locker number. I show her the crumpled piece of paper in my fist, that reads 78. She stomps her foot but then a relief comes over her frustrated face. "I think I'll be across the hall, but not by you, AGAIN." For the past year, we have had close lockers, but never next to each other. I desperately want to talk to her between periods, but then a sharp noise penetrates my thoughts, the bell. I wave goodbye and start walking to first period.


9:00 Destiny

I sit in class trying not to listen to Mr. Hansenn droan on about his summer. I doodle in my notebook and await the bell to ring. The first day of school is always boring, with new people blocking your way with their slow-paced walk of confusion. I hear someone whisper-calling my name. Destiny!  I quickly turn around to find Peter Jones staring at me. "Destiny will you please talk to me after class? I think I'm in your English class." He says in a nazaly voice. I nod and force smile, hoping he wouldn't be in my English class. Mrs. Mayer was bad enough, I didn't need some loser staring me down the whole period with his dark brown eyes. Peter has liked me even when I was negative 50 in fourth grade. After seing him bully Kendall like he does, I am not talking to that sneak of a liar, even if I do despise Kendall. She definitely doesn't deserve the rumors he spreads. I turn around to find Mr. Hansenn staring me down with his hawk-like eyes. "Something to share Ms. Destiny?" I feel all the eyes in the classroom burning my cheeks. Every head is turned towards me. So I force my throat to speak up, "Uh thats why I was uh talking aobut how lucky you were to go to the uh Bahamas over the summer." I hesitate as I talk back to the teacher. He just curls the ends of his lips up and grins like a clown at me. He stands up straight and brings his hands togther for an applause. What? His hands meet, making a clap noise while the rest of the class chimes in as if on cue, especially Peter whos face is proably slicked with a smirk. The teacher chuckles, "That's what I call a good listener!" I beam proudly when he says that to me because I thought  he would yell instead. He turns away and faces the dusty chalkboard. I peer up at the clock, it reads 9:42. Only three minutes until we get out of this awkward class. I look back down at my desk and see my unused homework organizer. I pull the front cover open and check my schedule. YES! I scream silently in my head. I go to algrebra next! Zayn has made it into the Gifted and Talented this year, so thankfully I'll be with him! I tap my foot against the dull tile floor. I hear feet shuffling and someone licking their lips. DINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG! The bell rings and I jump up, piling my books at the same time. Mr. Hansenn is ranting on about studying and blah blah blah. I rush, maneuvering through the aligned desks. I wizz past Peter who is still trying to finish his classwork while checkingthe clock to make sure he still has time. Mr. Hansenn waves his hand like he's shooing a fly away from his deep-wrinkled face. I spin on my heel, giving into the tempation to do a turn in class, while landing back and gliding smoothly back into walking. Today is a good day, but wait till' algebra.

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