Never Grow Up

Kendall and Destiny are complete enemies, but once two boys are involved, will they finally be friends? Or will they keep confusing each other with the wrong boy? Find out in this relatable story about how people change and become friends with the unexpected. My second fan-fic!


7. Dancing Off Beat

October 18 4:28

1, 2, 3, 4, 5---- I mess up again. It's a hard day at Bailar Dance Studio, the only dance studio around here that teaches over 15 different types of dance. They teach, pointe, lyrical, tap, ballet, hip hop, modern jazz, contemperary, musical theater, broadway style, zumba, acrobatics, cheerleading stunts, belly dancing, contortion, pole dancing (only for 19 and up, thankfully, BTW EWW) salsa, tango, mamba, ballroom and a few combined classes. My studio is known for its award winning choreographers and dancers. I am one of the title winning dancers. but not today, I am so off track, and I really need a break from dance for today. All of the drama with Niall and Zayn has gotten me off track.

"Destiny! Stay on beat! You keep missing count 5!"

I walk over to her and ask,

"Can I please call my mom? I feel nautious"

She sighs and nods. I walk out the door and head towards the changing room where all my stuff is. I open the door and go to my purple bag that reads, "Stars are made" in purple rhinestones. I search for my phone so I can call my mum. I really just need to think, to have time to relax. But with dance from 3:30-7 I have no time to do anything other than dance. I feel my smooth case on my iPhone. I lift it up and slide the button slide to unlock. I see my wallpaper, an old photo of Kendall, Niall and I sitting on the bricks outside Niall's flat. We took that when we were all in second grade! How cute! We are all soaking wet and have ice pops in our hands. I can remember that day like it was nearly yesterday.

I wrap a towel aroiund my freezing body. I see Maura, Niall's mother approaching us with home-made ice pops and my eyes practically pop out of my head. I look over to Niall, who hops out of his patio chair and charges towards the yummy treat. Kendall is picking her nails. She is so shy and she wont even look up to delicious ice pops?! How rude. Maura takes them out of the holder and hands each of us one. I get the red one and Niall gets the blue one. Kendall just stares at Maura and mutters thank you after licking the frozen snack. Maura smiles and walks back into the house. I get up and head to the side of the pool. I sit down and let my feet drop into the icy cold water. Niall and Kendall follow shortly after, Niall licking his blue lips. He sits down next to me and shoves the ice pop in my face. I turn away and giggle. Kendall says, "Ew Niall! Boy germs!" We all laugh. I bite the last bit of falling popsicle and set the stick beside me, in the sun. Niall leans down into the water slowly, because of its cold temperature. It's not a heated pool, and it's not that hot today, so it must be like 60 degrees! Then, Niall sees me kicking my feet underwater and creating waves. He gets out of the pool and grabs the popsicle sticks. He walks back to the house and dissappears inside. Then, I hear the door open and Niall pad over, dripping with chlorine water. He stands directly behind me as his wet hair drips on me. I stand up, ready to grab a towel and wipe my face, when he steps forward and pushes me in! I land in the water with a huge splash and panicked screaming. I open my eyes under the aqua water and see two standing shadows above me, and muffled screaming. I am followed by Kendall's little body. Bubbles form around me and I swim away from Niall's remaining shadow. He hops in and immdetiely opens his eyes to see us. For the next hour, we play, dive, and swim in the pool, until our parents come. "Destiny!" I hear my mum yell as I get out of the pool. Niall and Kendall get out also. I grab my towel and clothes, ready to pull my clothes on for the car ride home, when Niall takes my arm and leads me toward the shed behind the pool. I hear Kendall's mum calling her, but we all dash towards the shed. We take cover behind it and crouch down to our knees. I hear my mum opening the gate and shuffling towards the pool. I surrender my hiding place because I have to pee. Kendall and Niall jump out and shout "BOO" to my hurried mother. She jumps then laughs. I run to get my towel and race to the open gate where Kendall's mum is standing, whilst holding her arms across her chest. She always was like that, never happy. Kendall rushes towards the gate with Niall not too far back. I round the corner and sit on the bricks in the front. Maura comes out, "More ice pops for the car ride home?" I push my fists into the air and screech excitedely, "YES PLEASE!" Niall comes around the other side of the house and sneaks a popsicle. He takes the blue one, again, while I take the orange one and Kendall takes the green one. We start to suck on our snacks until we are interrupted by a small flash. It was my mum taking photos of us. She takes a few more as we laugh and play for a few more minutes. With a half-eaten ice pop, I jump into the car, thanking Maura and Niall for letting them have me over. I hug Niall and Kendall, then close the door sadly.

That was the day I knew that Niall and Kendall were going to be my best friends.



Sorry this chapter is so short its just that I needed to add a little detail and expand about Desinty's dance life. Also, it's supposed to be in England so I added the words "mum" (mom) and "whilst" (while) I am not from the UK so if you are, can you comment some other things you say that are different from Americans? I would really appreciate it! Thanks :) xx

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