The One

Me (Kasandra) and my friend Briana meet Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson when we go to school in London for a year. If you're already interested, get into the book and start reading! :p (Created on: 9/19/2012) (Conluded on: 9/26/2012)


6. The Perfect Night

     "Let's make an enterance!" Louis said to me as we were about to enter the group again. He lifted me up in his execptionally strong arms and ran into the group. "SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND!" Louis shouted happily to them as I laughed. Everyone stood up and smiled and congradualted us, and Louis put me down gently.

     Briana was giving me the biggest smile. "Oh my god, yaaaay!" she said and hugged me. "He said he loves me!" I whispered to her excitedly; her smile grew even wider. "Awwww" she said laughing and hugged me again. "Now it's time to get things set up with you and Harry!" I told her, winking. She laughed and smiled at me, and looked shyly at Harry.

     Niall, Liam and Zayn went to a bit of the grass a little bit away to play some soccer while Briana and Harry went and sat by the riverbank. Louis and I were walking towards them and were about to go up and surprise them until we saw Harry hold Briana's hand, lean in and kiss her. Louis took my hand and we ran away, pretending not to have seen anything, but both of us smiling like anything.

     "Awwww" we both said at the same time when we were far enough away not to be heard. "About time!" Louis said happily. "He hasn't stopped talking about her ever since he met her. He wants to know everything about her. I wouldn't be surprised if he said 'Hey, I wonder if Briana's great-grandfather liked tacos'" he said and I laughed. We didn't notice that Niall had come up behind us. "Yeah, like you can talk Louis! You spent ages stressing about getting this place ready for tonight! 'Do you think Kasandra like lanterns?' 'Will it be too cold?' ' Should we tell Kasandra to bring a jacket?'" Niall mimicked Louis in a high-pitched voice, and we all laughed, Louis a bit embarassed. "Well, it looks beautiful. You don't need to worry. And if I'm cold, I can hug you!" I said giggling. "Sounds good to me!" Louis teased, then wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

     Louis, Niall and I talked for a while until Harry and Briana joined us, both with huge grins on their faces. I quickly stood up and whisked at Briana to talk to her. As soon as I did she burst out, "He asked me out!" excitedly. I squealed and laughed and jumped up and down and asked her what had happened. "Well, we were talking and he took my hand, smiled at me and kissed me! Then he said 'Will you go out with me?' and obviously I said yes!" she exclaimed happily. I was so happy for her. She and Harry were perfect for each other and I was so glad he asked her out. We joined the group and Harry smiled brightly at Briana, and took her hand. Louis ran over to me. "YAAAAAAAAY!" he shouted happily and I hugged him laughing just because I was so happy.

     A while after, Niall, Zayn and Liam left and then Louis grabbed my hand and said, "Let's go dance!" which I was kind of surprised about, but I followed him anyway. He took me out to the willow tree again, pulled his iPod out and started to play a slow song. He put his hands around my waist and I put my hands around his neck, and we swayed to the music. "Do you believe in magic?" he askd quietly. "This IS magic" I whispered, "Just being here with you." "My thoughts exactly" he whispered back, and smiled. 

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