The One

Me (Kasandra) and my friend Briana meet Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson when we go to school in London for a year. If you're already interested, get into the book and start reading! :p (Created on: 9/19/2012) (Conluded on: 9/26/2012)


7. The One

(Two months later)

     I woke up with a text from Louis at 8 o'clock in the morning on Sunday:

     Morning beautiful! The sun wants to say hello! And so do I! Meet at Trafalgar Square in half an hour, I'll bring brekky!

     I got up and dressed, then I left a note for Briana on the table. Briana and I were already living in a rented apartment by then, and the school term had started. As you'd have guessed, people were pretty surprised to know that we were dating Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. We were a bit surprised as well.

     I took the bus to Trafalgar Square and was greeted by a skipping Louis, who held a brown paper bag and a take-away cup. "Blueberry muffin of course, and a cup of tea to wake up" he smiled at me and kissed me hello on the cheek. "Thanks! What would I do without you?" I laughed. "Perish into oblivion of course" he stated teasingly and took my hand.

     "OH MY GOD IT'S LOUIS TOMLINSON!" a girl who was walking by screamed and ran up to Louis and jumped up and down. "Hi there!" Louis said smiling brightly at her. She looked like she was about to faint. Soon enough there were hundreds of girls running up to Louis and he said, "Uh-oh, this is getting too many!" and he smiled at them saying hi as we ran through the mob. "I LOVE YOU LOUIS!" a girl shouted, "MARRY ME!" Louis stopped running, put his arm around me and said, "Sorry, I'm all hers!" I laughed and we ran free of the crowd to a park.

     He took my hand and said, "No seriously, I'm yours!" He smiled at me, then started singing/shouting 'I'm Yours'. "NO, I DON'T CARE AND I'LL TAKE NO MORE, NO MORE, THIS CANNOT WAIT, I'M YOOOUURRRSSS, THERE'S NO NEED TO COMPLICATE, OUR TIME IS SHORT, THIS IS OUR FATE, I'M YOUUUUUUUURRSSSSSSSS!" and started dancing ridiculously in front of everyone. I laughed and started dancing crazily with him, putting my muffin and tea down. After we got tired, we fell onto a seat still laughing. Louis hugged me tightly and left his arms there.

     I couldn't think of anyone as amazing as Louis, or should I say, my completely incredible boyfriend Louis. "I love you," we both said at the same time and then laughed. "I know, I'm preeeeetty awesome" Louis teased, winking. I laughed more and put my head on his shoulder. You know those moments you get where everything just feels perfect and you don't want to change a second of it for anything? Where it's like everything has come together like fate, like it was meant to be? Yeah, that was one of those moments. I kissed him on the cheek and he held me closer. Everything was perfect. Everything felt like fate. It was right.

     A few moments, good ones, had passed by until he asked me a life changing question. Louis opened his mouth and asked, "Will you do me the honor of being with me for the rest of my life and becoming my wife?" I was speechless.

The End

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