The One

Me (Kasandra) and my friend Briana meet Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson when we go to school in London for a year. If you're already interested, get into the book and start reading! :p (Created on: 9/19/2012) (Conluded on: 9/26/2012)


3. Everyone's Happy By The End of The Night

     About one and a half hours later of us all talking and getting to know each other, Louis suggested watching a movie. "Wow, it's already 5 o'clock! You guys don't have to be home anytime soon, right?" Louis said. "Nah, we're staying in a hotel. We can decide our own 'going home' time, thank you very much! And unless you want to get rid of us, we're going to stay longer!" I said smiling. "Good" Louis said quietly to me, smiling. He hadn't looked at me like that before. It was out of character, but it was nice.

     "Let's leave them alone shall we?" Louis whispered to me as he gestured towards Briana and Harry who were sitting on the couch curled up in each others arms, (aw!).

     We left them and then went out to the balcony and sat on the outdoor couch. We talked for a bit. He was easy to talk to, until after a while I was talking and I noticed that Louis was looking at me in that same strange way. "What?" I asked, "Something in my teeth?" He just laughed like I was a little kid who didn't understand a joke. I seriously had no idea why he was looking at me like that. "Hey, that's a pretty flower!" Louis said, his old self back again, smiling brightly. He picked it and handed it to me. "For my lady" he said jokingly. I laughed, "Why thank you kind sir!"

     "The weather, I fear, is becoming quite nippy, shall we depart our lovely place of rest and re-enter the room of living?" he jumped up and smiled at me, offering his hand to help me get up. "That we shall!" I agreed laughing, and we linked arms and started skipping into the lounge room, Louis singing some olden day song and me laughing.

     I suddenly shushed Louis, as I saw Briana fast asleep on Harry's lap. "Shh" Harry whispered to us, smiling softly, and gently stroking Briana hair. "She's so beautiful even when she's asleep" he whispered lovingly. I don't he quite realized that we were there even though he was talking to us. He just looked at Briana, smiling. "Can you please pass me a blanket?" he asked Louis. Louis passed him one and Harry gently put it over Briana, she moved a bit, but only curled up to Harry even more, and his eyes shined and he looked as if his heart would melt.

     Louis and I left the room and we walked up to Louis' bedroom. As we were walking, I could see a bit of jelousy in Louis' eyes. I wondered if he liked Briana. It wouldn't surprise me. I wasn't really thinking; if I was in my right mind and not so tired, I probably wouldn't have asked, but it seemed like I had known him for ages. "Hey Lou, are you jelous of Harry, I mean, do you like Briana a bit?" He looked at me honestly, "No, I don't like Briana, but yeah I'm jealous of Harry. He seems to be able to talk to girls so easily, and they fall for him straight away, not like me..." I laughed. "Trust me Louis, I know plenty of girls who have fallen for you and they haven't even met you! You are fine with girls, like me! Talking to me wasn't so bad, was it?" I teased. "I suppose you're not so bad!" he teased, "But I was still nervous talking to you. You were different. Most girls who meet us would call all of their friends and take photos of our apartment and stuff like that. But instead I came in and saw you just sitting calmly on the couch reading a book!" "Yep, that's little weird me!" I laughed at him and he looked at me in that same strange way, execpt also mixed with a kind of...admiration?

     He looked at his watch, "Wow, it's already 1! You can stay here tonight if you like, we have heaps of room" "Yeah cool. Thanks that'd be great!" I said gratefully, and right on cue, I yawned. "What good timing! I'll get your bed set up" he laughed and went to get it ready. I felt the door open, but I pretended I was asleep, and I could tell by the footsteps that it was Louis. He put another blanket on me, and I could feel his eyes on me, his hand gently pushed a few strands of my black curly hair from my face and I felt my stomach flutter. I heard him stand up and leave the room. "Oh my god" I whispered quietly to myself, and felt a smile creep across my face.

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