The One

Me (Kasandra) and my friend Briana meet Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson when we go to school in London for a year. If you're already interested, get into the book and start reading! :p (Created on: 9/19/2012) (Conluded on: 9/26/2012)


4. Almost Kiss

     "OH MY GOD, HARRY SAID WHAT?" Briana screamed at me the next day when we were sitting in our hotel room. "HE SAID THAT YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL EVEN IN YOUR SLEEP AND HE WAS STORKING YOUR HAIR!" I was so happy for her I was shouting too. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" she jumped up and down, laughed and screamed with me until we were suddenly inturrupted by a text on Briana's phone from none other than Harry. She read it with the biggest smile on her face. "Harry and Louis want us to come over again tonight and they said to dress up because we're going somewhere! Oooooooh, I wonder where we're going" she was bouncing up and down with excitement and then exclaimed, "SHOPPING!" at the top of her lungs, "We need new dresses!"

     A few hours, shops and pounds later, we had the perfect dresses, make-up and hair for that night, whatever we we're doing. Briana had a beautiful black and floral dress with wavy hair and black high heels. I had a light pink lacy strapless cocktail dress with low white and light pink heels and I had straightened my hair. "Well, SOMEONE looks stunning!" I shouted at Briana as she put the final touches to her make-up. "Haha, same to you sexy! Let's go!" she said.

     I rang the doorbell of Harry and Louis apartment and I heard someone coming so I stepped behind Briana so that they would see her first and that they would both be absolutely gaga over her that they wouldn't see me, and I could just tag along for the ride. That's kind of what I liked to do, not be noticed, that way I don't have to impress anyone.

     Harry opened the door to see Briana and just stared for a few seconds and started to blush. "Wow, B-Briana, you look incredible! I mean you always do but um, you" he stuttered nervously while smiling like an idiot. I felt so happy for Briana. She did look amazing but having Harry say that to her would make her feel a million times better.

     I snuck past Harry and Briana and walked into the lounge room. As I walked into the room, Louis walked in from the other side of the room (looking really cute, I might add, with his hair styled nicely, and a suit jacket with a normal top underneath). He saw me and stopped walking. When he stopped, he gave me the same strange look, except with a huge grin this time. He started to walk towards me again and said quietly," are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life." Well, I was expecting a 'oh, hi there, you look nice' or 'I like your shoes' or something, but definitely not anything like that. I could feel myself blushing. "Wow, thank you, that's really nice" I replied to him quitely. He kept walking towards me until I was only a few centimeters away from his face. I could feel his breath on my nose. I felt like I was going to faint, but in a good way.

     "GUYS LET'S G-oh woah, sorry" Harry came charging in and then slowly backed out seeing us. "Yeah, let's go!" I said fake-excitedly and nearly ran out of the room. It had to be a mistake. Louis was probably trying to get something out of my hair or something, I mean, he was LOUIS TOMLINSON, from ONE DIRECTION, he could never possibly like me! I mean, me! I probably did him a favor. He was thinking about "Whoa, close one, nearly kissed the random. I'be only known her for a day!" I thought like that for a while and soon enough I had convinced myself that there was nothing to it, that he was going to give me a hug because he thought I looked nice, and by the time we were in the car I was back to normal, singing along to all the songs on the radio and being a weirdo in general.

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