I've tried playing it cool ..

Salma tried playing it cool.. with her best friend . But, will he look at her the way she does ?


3. The problem..

previously on I'v Tried Playing it Cool ..

" Lili , what's wrong ? " I asked worried

Now ...        " Nothing I'm just quite heart-broken ", He said quite sad . " Why ? " I asked quite sad myself , yeah i had a crush on Liam , he knew , but i don't think he actually believed me . " Sarah broke up with me " He said almost sobbing . Sarah was his girlfriend or shall i say "ex- girlfriend " well she was nice and all , but not his type . She used him many times , she was mostly a gold digger she cheated on him once , I saw her but she told me that if i told him she would tell the whole student body about my crush , so we weren't good friends . " I'm so sorry Liam ", i said sympatheticlly. " Alright class ! QUIET DOWN !!! " , the teacher screamed . Ms. Silverstone wasn't very ... patient , she regularly screamed at us but it's okay since we've gotten used to it . " Lili, wanna come over later ? " i whispered . He nodded and continued his work, so did I . wow how did i get tthis lucky to become friends with Liam ? I guess it's just a problem that god only controls ..


" Hurry up Lili ! ", i yelled while jogging to my house. " Okay Salma calm down ", he said while making a face . Once we got to my house , we went straight through the gate and went running through the front door , we jogged up the stairs and straight to my room . " I'll do the math homework ! " I yelled " I'll do Calculous " He yelled . 15 minutes later " DONE ! " we yelled at the same time . " What do you wanna do now ? " He asked . " Okay , well you could sleepover and have a movie night ? " I replied . " Yeah , and we could do a random video and post it on Facebook " he said , " you know you actually made me feel normal since the break-up , thanks Salma " He said .  " Well, I'm gonna get my stuff from my house , I'll be back in 15 minutes ,okay ? " He said smiling . " Okay " I said . He ran down the stairs and went and closed the door . Hm.. might as well start getting ready myself .

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