I've tried playing it cool ..

Salma tried playing it cool.. with her best friend . But, will he look at her the way she does ?


2. The beginning.. <3

Salma is my name , Vasquez is the last name . I was born in WolverHampton,England . All my life I've had one best friend , and his name was Liam James Payne . I met him in the first year of primary school , which was 12 years ago . I'm in the 11th grade , age 17 . I got heled back one year cause of the rule, no exceptions for people born after September 7th . I guess that sucks since I was born on September 8th . The thing is that i was never something special , i wasn't a exception to the world . I was always just like the rest . No iPhone , Laptop , Nor the new trend called " Facebook or Twitter " . Until this year was when i got a phone cause i really needed one for the school year since i didn't have a laptop . So i got an iPhone 4s . I liked it a lot , but so far i only have 5 contacts : Liam , Mum , Dad , Karen ( my sister ) and of course Dariela which was my friend .. I only have those because i wasn't quite of the incroud . Many people just said "Hi " but , nothing much . I was in AP classes since 8th grade . Which was cool because i had a lot more oppertunities for events ; and such sort .

High School ; Status : Math AP with Ms.Silverston

"Salma what is 13+(4)-56xY= ? " The teacher asked . " 785 ml3 " i said proudly . "correct . " she said and smiled .. I always got them right . R I N G !! . The bell guess I'm on my way to my favorite period .. Ms. Limenston which was my Science teacher .. I had Liam in that class . Once i got in the class Liam just ignored me and walked passed me , " Lili , what's wrong ? " i asked worried



-- sorry i had to cut it short my mum got mad .-.

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