I've tried playing it cool ..

Salma tried playing it cool.. with her best friend . But, will he look at her the way she does ?


4. Sleepover & movies

Previously on I've Tried Playing It Cool :

Hmm.. might as well get ready myself .

Now : Liam's POV

I got home running since i live right next door to Salma's house , i got in and told my mom i'd be staying the night since we always used to have sleepovers before i went out with Sarah for 6 months , I got to my room and I got a small Nike backpack and put my essencials : Clothes for tomorrow , Slippers , Socks , Underwear , Converse , Pijamas , Tooth Brush , Shampoo, Brush , Hair Gel , iPhone charger , and my iMacbook pro . I went downstairs and went to Salma's house .

Salma's POV

By now i had popcorn , soda , and chips ready . I had 6 movies put one in the DVD player and while it went by the comercials i went upstairs to get my pink covered iPhone . I had 2 Missed calls , 5 Facebook notifications , 2 messages , and 10 instagram notifications . I ignored all except my messgaes one from my Mom and the other from Liam . I read Liam's

From : Lili c: <3

Hey , I'm outside can you please open the door ?

To: Lili c: <3

Yeah it's open .

I locked my phone and i heard the door open , i went to tell liam to leave his stuff in my room . "Hey Li- " What i saw was not what i was expecting ..

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