I've tried playing it cool ..

Salma tried playing it cool.. with her best friend . But, will he look at her the way she does ?


10. Shot me out of the sky ..

Previously On " I tried playing it cool ": " Oh my god Salma is that you ?", I heard my -
Now : Oh no... It was my sister Farrah . She was never really liked by my opinion. " Oh my god Farrah !" I said really un-excitedly . Liam stayed quiet ... " Who is she ?" He asked . " My sister .." I knew this face.. He wanted to know her more.. I knew he wouldn't last with me . But i guess thats life , cruel and heartbrokening . " I got to go ...," I said kind of sad. I went straight to my car without turning back . I got in my beige beetle convertable. I went straight to my appartment which was next to the buckingham palace . Well almost next , i lived in a street which was filled with HUGE apartments that were beautiful and fit for the spoiled . My appartment was a two stories, and the outside was red linens with a white bricks . The door was black with square windows. The inside was huge , but lets not focus on that. I parked my car and ran inside , i ran up the staircase and went straight to my room. My rooms wall was full of mirrors , and my bed was a big canopy bed with a armouir next to it full of makeup and my hair dye , i dyed it many colors in the past yet i never focused on one specific one .
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