I've tried playing it cool ..

Salma tried playing it cool.. with her best friend . But, will he look at her the way she does ?


5. Once and Forever .

Previously on : I've Tried Playing it Cool

What i saw i didn't excpect .

NOW : " Hey Salma " Liam said while eating a donut and his nike backpack. "LIAM ! you gave me a heart attack ! ", I said while holding my chest . " Well, sorry .. Well anyways want a bite ? " he said while smirking . " No, and you can put you're stuff in my room , while get the drinks " , i said . While Liam went upstairs , I got some Sprites from the refridgerator , He came back down with his pijama boxers and shirtless . "You like what you see ? " he said while smirking . " Whatever , Liam " i said while laughing . I've seen him shirtless before, so it wasn't a big deal . " Lets watch the movie Lili " I said while looking at the tv . He came and sat down next to me and put his arm around me . " Salma .. thanks for making me feel better " he said .


I liked Salma , a lot . I only dated Sarah to see what she'd do , i knew she liked me and it was wrong to do that but , I had to try and see if she even had feelings for me . Salma was always there, she was the love of my life . I remeber the time that she was in the hospital due to a broken leg , currently Sarah's fault but whatever , and i was always there .


I felt his warm skin touch mine , we watched twilight , and the Hunger Games , he then wanted to see Toy Story so i put it in and we watched it , all 3 of them . I got sleepy so , i went upsatirs and to the restroom I brushed my teeth and went to my room , I changed to my fuzzy shorts and a tank top . I then went under the satin covers and started using my DSi XL , yes i still use it . Don't judge me .. I heard footsteps so i shut it off and i pretended to be asleep

" I don't know , how you can't see that I love you .. since we were little " i heard Liam say . I just lost it and said "..

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