I've tried playing it cool ..

Salma tried playing it cool.. with her best friend . But, will he look at her the way she does ?


9. London Love .

previously on I've tried playing it cool : "Salm-" Thats all i heard .. when .

NOW: Once i heard his voice through my balcony , I just stood there looking at him . " Salma please talk to me " He said . I was tired of all this, Life was so cruel to me ..What did i do to deserve this ? "Salma I'm so sorry .. " He said " Leave .. " i said without emotion obviously on the  inside i was just scared and feeling an urge to call the cops but i wouldn't go that far . He left , but he came back every week . I started faling all my classes , I moved schools and comtinued and forgot about Liam . I moved to London the following month , I started going to college i had a new bestfriends, life , and no Liam which i cared more than i ever had in my whole life , but he ruined it when he cheated. I changed everything about me , My number , hair ( brownish aubrurn with shoulder length hair) Started wearing glasses instead of my contacts , and most of all my love life . I went to a new high tech college in London . "Salma ?" i heard that voice that i never wanted to hear . " Liam ? " i said looking at how he had changed . Brown locks were shorter , He started working out , and he looked like .. he had been transformed . " You look great ", I said , It was true , it's been 2 years since i've seen him . " Thanks , you do to , wanna go get some coffee ? " He asked . I nodded , we got to starbucks and i ordered my usual a White Mocha Frap, with a slice of coffee cake . he ordered the same and we caught up .. at the end we exchanged our numbers and he took me to his place . There we ended up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend which was a dream that i thought could actually mean he wouldn't cheat this time . I know i sound all stupid for giving him another chance once he did that to me, but really . I can't blame myself for actually giving him a chance . "Oh My god Salma is that you ? " , I heard my -

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