I've tried playing it cool ..

Salma tried playing it cool.. with her best friend . But, will he look at her the way she does ?


7. It had to be over ...

Previously on I've tried playing it cool .. : I heard a voice i didn't want to hear "-

NOW: " What are you doing ,Liam ?" I heard a snobby voice . "Jessica .. -" He said "What are you doing with my boyfriend " she asked me . " Um' He's my boyfriend " I said . " He's my boyfriend ..-" "Salma , i can explain ...-" I shaked my head in disbelief went to his car got my clothes and stuff and ran , and ran until i got home . I went straight to my room got my iMac and went on Facebook . i clicked the status button .. " isn't it Ironic, you love him but he cheats." I shared it . 30 likes .. wow . 15 comments " He cheated ?!" comment by Sally Anderson .  logged off and took a long shower ..  officially Hated Liam James Payne .. I deleted my relashionship status , and the pictures i had with Liam . I took it way to far .. the break-up, the devestation , and the cheating , I was honest . I didn't lie .. but he had to . Obviously i needed a change .. I went to school and put everything in my locker . it was already 8th period . i skipped . Then 9th which was Dance .. I skipped . I did everything for him and he had to cheat , which was what confused me . "Salma Vasquez to the office please " i heard throught the intercom. I went .. " You've been skipping ma'am ... those deserve consiquences . " the principal said . Obviously she gave me 3 weeks of lunch detention .. which sucked . most likely i was being a rebel after school  i bent to the salon .. " haircut , please" , I said . They dyed it a little darker and cut it shoulder length . i wanted change and thats what i got . i hate liam , and that was final .. i never wanted to hear him again .. I went straight home got on Facebook .. 3 messages 2 requests 50 notifications.  most of it was from liam which i ignored and i posted a photo with my new locks .. " I needed change , and that's what  i got :)" The caption and picture enfessised the pain of the cheating which i hated . "Sal-

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