I've tried playing it cool ..

Salma tried playing it cool.. with her best friend . But, will he look at her the way she does ?


6. I fell.. H A R D

previously on : I've tried playing it cool , I just lost it and said ...

Now on I've tried playing it cool : " I've loved you all this time and you never noticed , you've always pictured me as a friend and you bearly notice it ! " , I screamed and yelled . All i felt was soft warm lips on me and when i closed my eyes i felt sparks and fireworks . Once i leant back he smiled and said " I've always loved you , would you be my girlfriend ? ", he said with worried eyes . Is this a dream , am I Salma Vasquez being asked out ? I bet this is one of my dreams , I pinched myself and it wasn't a dream .. my automatic reaction was " Yes , Liam I will be you're girlfriend ", I said and kissed him. After about two weeks and a half we were happy and thats all that mattered . ** Monday 6:55am . ** RING! RING! RING! that was all i heard . I woke up and slapped my alarm clock and went straight to the shower . I went to dry my hair off and it was 7:10am . CRAP .. i only have 15 minutes . I went running to my closet and chose some light wash denimn jeans a white croptop with a purple tank under . I put on my silver toms . Went straight to the bathroom brushed my teeth and straightend my Dirty Blonde hair , put on my clear contacts so they'd see my natural eyes ; green . I went running downstairs grabbed my Jansport backpack and into my scooter .. 5 minutes till' the bell . I got to school . parked and went running to my locker . i got my books and saw Liam , "Hey beautiful", He said and kissed my cheek . "I'm running late .. ", said kind of sadly since I'd get detension . "Let's skip ?", He said while smirking . He grabbed my arm and we went running to his car and drove off .. We ended up at the beach since we lived in Wolver Hampton , He opened his door and went to open mine . 'Lets get in the water ? ", he said . I shaked my head .. " I didn't bring my bikini ", I said . "I have it all planed ", He said . He got to the boot of his car and got out a bikini , swim shorts , towels , and a picnic basket . "Wow, did you plan this ? " I asked . He nodded and kissed me . I changed and ran to the water .. He was behind me and grabbed my waist and lifted me up until i heard a voice i did nnot want to hear .. " -

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