My love for Louis

Hi im Cassidy, im 20, and I live with one direction because my dad works with them. I really dont like thier songs but when i meet them one catches my eye.



6. Wedding plans

 Casisdys POV

  After that we both drove home and laid on bed. " Louis you know your just so adorable" " yes and you are too. I forgot to say  I LOVE YOU" " I love you too" We kissed. But we didnt do it. He loved me! in a few seconds we difrted of. I dreamed it was our wedding i had a puple dress. He was wearing blue and the bridemaids were wearing aquamarine. I had a bump? I cheak my phone it was december 23. One day before his birthday. I walked down and woke up when we were about to kiss. Louis woke me up. " hey babe." "hey lovely" we kissed. When we went down there was a note. " hey we went to the beach house for the week you guys and your parents can help you plan the wedding.      Monday August 13 LIAM " " babe look at this" he laughed. " what is so funny" " they bacicsally mean we should have it and call our parents." "LOL"  we  called our family. My mom and sister where coming and his mom at friday. We went to our bedroom and had it. Then we fell asleep.   I woke up on the bed naked. I went to the washroom and took a shower. I came out got dressed and woke up louis. " WAKE UP" I shouted. " wake me up quietly next time" "ok" He went to the washroom. I got a text. From Melissa (sister) Hey can we come today. I texted back. Of course. I went downstairs and made breakfast. Louis came down. "hey my sis is comeing today" "ok. and the boys will be back tomorrow." "ook" I made choclate chip pancakes and carrots on the side. " yummy carrots" Louis said."i love you, kevin and carrots." " me too" We finshed. There was a knock on the door."ill get it" I  shouted. It was melissa. "Hey" "Hey" "so lets plan this wedding" "sure. So what kind of theme? mabye the ocean, peacock,??" "hey how bout ocean babe." he nodded. "So lets plan the place time and date." "date maybe december 23 one day before louis's birthday" "sure and near the ocean side" he said.

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