My love for Louis

Hi im Cassidy, im 20, and I live with one direction because my dad works with them. I really dont like thier songs but when i meet them one catches my eye.



13. I need yous and Who are yous

 Louis pov

What Should i do!!!! I answerd the call. "hey" i said. ''louis i need to tell you something a ...secret.'' ''ok go on'' please don't be bad please don't be bad. I was wrong. ''louis I have a child and the father is.... you louis. Let me explain 2 1/2 years ago. I had called you to tell you that i was pregnet. You said you had news to. Being me i let you go first-which i shoudn't have- you said you saw me kissing another guy in a magazine one the rack. The paparazzi found that old picture of my ex and published it on the cover.'' ''elenor i am so sorry but i have a fiance and if you are trying to get back together no. My fiance is in the hospitial and she might die do bye.'' I whisperd that part and hunged up. Before i hung up i heard her say I need you

a/n srry for the short chapter im going to type another in about 2 hours or tommorrow

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