My love for Louis

Hi im Cassidy, im 20, and I live with one direction because my dad works with them. I really dont like thier songs but when i meet them one catches my eye.



3. i love You and carrots

   Louis pov.

Its been 2 months since we lived with cassidy and her bff jessica. Niall has a major crush on jessica while im head over heels for cassidy. We started touring the USA last week, everyone has gotten use to the road, but niall is sad that there is no NANDOS. I have to tell cassidy how i feel. "cassidy can i talk with you in the washroom." She nodded. Once we were in the washroom i told her."You know i have been having a feeling about .............CARROTS!" She laughed and said "ok so since you already said what you think im just going to tell you i have a major crush on ... YOU." " i feel the same way." We kissed."hey wanna scare the boys." "how" "this is the plan..."After we said the plan we walked out.Harry spoke up and said"so what did you guys do in there?????" " we just did this" I said right before  we started making out. Zayn shouted "get a room" Then niall with "gross" Liam said "so i think this means you are together?" we started to laugh. "yes" we said at the same time. We went to my room. "wanna stay with me tonight" "sure" Soon it was 12:00 and we went to bed. Nothing happened though.


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