My love for Louis

Hi im Cassidy, im 20, and I live with one direction because my dad works with them. I really dont like thier songs but when i meet them one catches my eye.



12. from elenoe

             LOUIS POV

"Cassidy where are you?" No reply. I walked into the master bedroom and i saw her. Blood rush down her face, what looks like broken bones,and a lifeless body.I called 911. "hi my fiance fell and now is looking like shes dieing!!!" I said trying to be calm. " ok calm down we will be there in 3 minutes." "fine but hurry.'' "we will.'' They came in less than 2 mins. "You can come in the ambluance." I ran in. Before i knew it they rushed cassidy in. As soon as I asked them what they were going to do. They said  they would do what ever to get her back the breath. I called the lads and jessica. No answer. " lads and jessica cassidy is in the hospitial i don't know what going to happen please hurry i don't know what to do." I guessed they got the message because in less than 15 minutes they came and started to try to comfort me. I then started to cry so much i could fill up a whole pool. '' It's all my fault.'' I excliamed. "no it's not." Niall said. ''yes i should have kept by her side not let her wander off." '' It was inside a house you didn't know that she was going to fall.'' Then there was a long silence. I felt terrible. That was all I was thinking untill I got this call. From Elenor swipe to answer.


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