My love for Louis

Hi im Cassidy, im 20, and I live with one direction because my dad works with them. I really dont like thier songs but when i meet them one catches my eye.



15. Drake

 Drakes POV

Another restless day. I know it was 4 years ago but I s-still love her. I can't belive I got drunk. I never drank ever again. I was still thinking of her when my phone rang. It was cassidy!! " I am so sorry I can't bel-" "Babe wat r u talking about." "ummm where r u." Really where r u. " I'm In a hospital. They think I have a 4 year loost of memory. But I reminber you findly." I love the way she says findly. She continued. " Sorry I didn't call you for our 6 month anversery." This is the time I think about her. " well wanna come over to my place so we could talk and do something eles." I said not knowing what to do. " Sure I'll be there in 5."

Cassidy's POV

" doctor when can I go." "well right now If you want." "ok but can you call in one of the guys." "sure honey." She picked Louis the guy who said we were dating. LIAR. "hey can you drop me off  at 25 magnolia street." "sure."


Louis POV

So the car ride was silent. Noone spoke a single word. It was a 15 minute drive. When she got there she rang a doorbell. Then this good looking guy came out and t-t-t-t-hey k-k-k-kissed!! You know what. I am going to use this saddnes to write a song. As soon as I got home I got out a pen and paper. On the top I wrote " more than this."  " i'm broken do you hear i'm blinded cause you are everything I see." I continued. Then when I was done I felll asleep while singing. "When he open his arms
And holds you close tonight
It just won't feel right
Cause I can love you more than this, yeah
When he lays you down, I might just die inside
It just don't feel right
Cause I can love you more than this
Can love you more than this" i mumbled.

 Cassidy POV

We were having the time of our lifes. Until he ruined it. " Cassidy I can't keep lieing to you. You really did lose 4 years of memory. 4 years ago I went to a party. You stayed home. I got really wasted. I went home with a girl." I was starting to tear up by that time. " You walked in to wake me up. You had the key to my flat. You walked in and you saw me and your best friend July on the bed naked. You wrote a note saying it was over. I moved on found another girl but nothing was the same. You are acatullay Louis fiance and I'm your ex." I ran out of the house crying and went to the local park. I sat on the benches and cried. Until a girl came up to me and said " mommy why are you crying?" Then I was back.

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