My love for Louis

Hi im Cassidy, im 20, and I live with one direction because my dad works with them. I really dont like thier songs but when i meet them one catches my eye.




 Cassidys POV

 Life was perfect.Ok so now everyone knows i'm prego. At least I'm ready. Am I? Anyways I can't wait!! All of a sudden I realized we need to go buy a house! "louis we need a house." I yelled. "Oh right lets go shopping today." ''ok get ready babe." Time to get ready. I searched for clothing in my closet. I'm only 3 weeks pregnet so everything still fits. I decieded on a "keep calm and love louis" top with a pair of floral jeans. I'm ready. "Babe are you done!!"I  basically scearmed. "yes honey." He yelled. I ran downstairs. "let's go i already printed out 15 homes that i think we should get." He said. Yay house shopping time!!!!"im so excited!" "yeah me too." We hopped in the car and went to the first house. It was small. Perfict except if the boys ever wanted to stay ove(which will happen alot.) So no. "off to the next house" The next house was big but to big. Like buckingham palace big. So next. "no honey to big." "ok" said louis.

The third house was ok but nice. It was near the beach so we might just rent it as our beach house. "babe we should rent this as our beach house." He said while reading my mind. "i was just thinking that."I laughed.

The fourth house was to how do i put this....Girly. It was pink inside and out. Everything was  pink except the pigeon on the roof. "louis did you just pick this house just because of the pigeon." "maybe." He said while trying to me mysterious but instead it made me laugh.

The 5th house was perfect.It had 8 rooms. 5 for the boys,1 master for me and louis ,one for the baby,and one guest. "babe lets get this house." I said excitely."sure honey." I was walking around  when i suddenly tripped and fell hard on the hard floor.I felt blood rush down my face. Then everything went black and I was ALONE. 

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