My love for Louis

Hi im Cassidy, im 20, and I live with one direction because my dad works with them. I really dont like thier songs but when i meet them one catches my eye.



18. Advice and Apologies and Sequel!


I love BOTH of them. Who am I going to choose? I need ADVICE and fast. Harry and Liam always knows the right answer! I'm gonna call Haz right know. He answered. "Hey hazza" "hey Lou " "Soo. You know how I got back with El because Cassidy was probably not going to make.""yea" " Well she did make it-"He cut me off. " Pick Cassidy." "K thanks" 1 vote to Cassidy! Now Liam time. I rang him up. "Hey Daddy Direction." "Hey Lou." "So you know how I got back with El because Cassidy was probably-" Man whats wrong with people and cutting me off! " was not going to make it but she did and now you are stuck between who you are going to pick. Well you should pick Cassidy got it." "Thanks Liam" Now I had to 'Break-up'with El. First let me apologies to Cassidy. I went to the Hospital. I went to the front desk. "Is it ok if I asked when is a girl named Cassidy is coming out. She was in a coma." "She is tomorrow at 10 am." "Thank you." Then I went to the gift shop. It was just around February, so valentine stuff was out. I grabbed every single decoration with hearts. Then I got A LOT of chocolate. Then a chocolate fountain. And strawberries. When I was done and paid I rang Jessica. She answered. " Hey Jess" "Hey Lou" "When you pick up Cassidy from to hospital tomorrow bring her to our old flat got it." "Yes Lou" She said in a 'Yes Sir' voice. " bye" "bye." I drove to the flat and started  decorating. I fell asleep after 1 hour of planning and decorating. Time for  Jess to come in. I set my alarm to 8:30.

* Morning 10:00*

Jessica POV

OK so I right know I'm waiting in the hospital to get Cassidy. They are just doing last minute check ups. I have a plan to get her to the flat. Finally she came out. I ran up to her and hugged her. " Can't breath" She said. " So Cassidy I was wondering if you wanted to go to your flat first to get clothing and stuff then I'll drop you off at my flat." " What happened with Niall wouldn't he be there? " "No we broke up." She looked confused but asked no more because she knew I was upset.

Cassidy's POV

The car ride was filled with music and loud singing. It was so much fun! When I got to the flat I rang the doorbell but then the door was opened so I opened it." Jess I'll get my- " I looked behind me and she was gone. I looked at the floor and saw rose petals? Being the curious girl I am I followed them. It lead up the the master bedroom. I looked inside and Louis! " Lou I need to get packing" " Not before I apologies for doing that to you. I broke up with El last night please take me back. I love you." He knows how hard it is for me to not say that back! " Fine but never ever ever do that again got it." " Got it" 

Cassidy and Lou POV

Everything is back to normal

 A/N  So guys let me make this quick. I'm making a sequel to this called 'Lies' the first chapter is coming out later today ok. Byee 

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