The Day I found you

Synopsis: Hi, I'm Lizzie and I'm 16 years old, I'm part Mexican and part British. I live in London now. I have straight long brown hair, light brown eyes and people say that my smile is cute, but I know I'm an ugly freak. My life is kinda difficult, until I meet the cutest guy in the whole world. In that moment I thought my problems were gone, but what happens when my step mother abandons me and another band members starts to fall in love with me? But these aren't all my problems... everything gets worse...


4. Save you tonight


NIALL'S POV: I got home and I slam the door when I was inside, I locked the door and when I turned back I saw all my friends sitting there on the living room. "How was your day?" Louis asked me. "It was OK" I answered. "Did you saw your dreamed girl?" Harry asked. "Yes, her name is Lizzie, and we were on a date" I said. I throw my keys to the kitchen table an then I went to sit next to my friends. "Awesome! And how was it?" Liam asked while laughing. "It was so awesome" I said. After that there was an embarrass moment of silence. Everybody looked me with a smile that made me feel uncomfortable. "What?" I asked. "Did you kiss her?" Harry asked me. "Almost..." I said and I blushed. "Almost?!?!" Louis asked. "Yes, my lips were about to kiss hers when..." I said. "What happened?" Zayn asked. "Her mom called her, she had a phone call, maybe was from his boyfriend" I said sad. "She has a boyfriend?" Liam asked. "No, sorry, ex boyfriend" I said. "Ohhh...." Louis said. "I think you should take her to a place more romantic and private" Harry said. "I know" I said overwhelmed. "And you need to be more romantic" Zayn said. "But how?" I asked. "Don't worry, we'll teach you" Louis said to me then he smiled. LIZZIE'S POV: I woke up the next morning happy, I couldn't believe that Niall Horan was going to kiss me!!!! My mom ruined it... But I love her. The phone call was from Blake, he wanted me to date him again, my answer was no, I got tired and I hung up. The evening was bored, I didn't saw Niall, he didn't call neither, maybe he realised that I'm not... pretty, yes I'm not pretty. It was like 8:30pm I was kinda tired and I decided to read a book. Minutes later I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up early, my mom called me: "Lizzie!!! Please come here!! Someone is asking for you". I dressed up really fast (I wore a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, white Converse and Niall's sweatshirt). I thought it was Niall, but when I went to the front door I saw Blake standing there with a bunch of roses. "Hello babe" he said me and then he smiled. "What are you doing here?" I asked Blake. "I wanted to apologise" he said. "Not now Blake" I said trying to close the door. "Please..." He said. He stopped the door with his foot and then he took my hand. "Fine, but just for a little while" I said upset. "Can we talk while we go for a walk?" he asked while he smiled. "Sure..." I said unhappy. He gave me the roses, I really didn't want to accept them, but I wasn't gonna be mean. I put them on the kitchen table and then I went out. Blake and I started walking, he tried to hold my hand, but I didn't let him. "What's wrong babe? Why I can't hold your hand?" he asked 'concerned'. "Because you aren't my boyfriend anymore, and don't call me 'babe'" I answered him. "Why not?" he asked me. "Because you are a cheater" I said with a mad tone. "You still mad because of that?" he asked me. "Why I wouldn't be mad? You were kissing another girl" I said and I tried to get away from him. I turned around and I started walking back to home when I felt his hand holding my arm tight, he was holding me so tight that he hurt me. "Ouch!!! Let me go!!!" I exclaimed. "No!!!!" he answered.  NIALL'S POV:  I was walking alone to the park to see if Lizzie was there, until I heard voices fighting. I recognise that voice. In that moment I run where Lizzie was to see if she was OK. I ran I found Lizzie's ex boyfriend pushing her against the wall. "Leave her alone!!" I exclaimed. Blake let go Lizzie and walked in my direction. "This isn't your business blonde" he said to me. "Run Lizzie" I said to her. "No, I don't want you to get hurt" she said to me. Lizzie tried to walk me but her ex boyfriend didn't let her, she tried again but this time he pushed her to the ground. " My ankle..." Lizzie said with tears on her eyes. "Stop!!!" I shouted. I ran to help Lizzie, her body has shaking a lot, her hands were so so cold and her cheeks were burning. LIZZIE'S POV: Niall helped me to stand up, I could hardly stay standing, I was feeling so weak. NIALL'S POV: "Leave her!!" he said to me. "No!!" I answered. The guy tried to hit me when suddenly Lizzie passed out, I shouldn't let her fall. "Lizzie can you hear me?!?!" I asked her. Lizzie's ex boyfriend ran away. I tried to wake her up, but I couldn't. Her beat heart was slow. I called Louis for help. He told me he was going to pick up us in his car and ride us to our house.
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