The Day I found you

Synopsis: Hi, I'm Lizzie and I'm 16 years old, I'm part Mexican and part British. I live in London now. I have straight long brown hair, light brown eyes and people say that my smile is cute, but I know I'm an ugly freak. My life is kinda difficult, until I meet the cutest guy in the whole world. In that moment I thought my problems were gone, but what happens when my step mother abandons me and another band members starts to fall in love with me? But these aren't all my problems... everything gets worse...


5. Meeting the boys


LIZZIE'S POV: I woke up like at 8:30 pm with the sound of four different and cute voices. "Look, she's waking up!" one of the boys exclaimed. I opened my eyes, I was laying on a bed and then I saw the 4 most beautiful faces smiling and looking at me. They were One Direction!!! They were sitting around me. "Love, are you OK?" Harry asked me. "" I tried to say something. Suddenly someone opened the room door. It was Niall, he was carrying a tray with food. "Niall!" I said grinning. Niall quickly leaved the tray on a little table and ran to hug me. When he backed off I asked: "Where am I? Are you One Direction?". "You are on my room" Niall answered me. "And yes, we are One Direction" Zayn said. Everyone introduce himself, except Niall because I already know him. Niall went to sit right next to me. "Are you feeling better?" He asked me smiling. "Yes, thank you". I said smiling. "Guys let's leave Niall and Lizzie alone" Liam said while laughing. "It was nice to meet you love" Harry told me, then he kissed my cheek. "Yes sweetheart, hope you feel better" Louis told me. "Thanks guys" I said smiling. "I'll order pizza, I'll call you both when it arrives" Zayn said. "Thanks Zayn" Niall told him. Zayn closed the door, leaving Niall and me alone. NIALL'S POV: "Are you better now?" I asked her. "Yes, thank you" she answered with a grin. I looked into her beautiful, big light brown eyes. I took the food tray and put it on the bed, it had a hot chocolate and a brownie. "I brought this for you" I said. "Thanks, what happened to me?" she asked me. "Can you remember something?" I asked her. "Yes, Blake and I were fighting, suddenly you came and then... I can't remember" she said sad. "Blake pushed you to the ground, I helped you to stand up and ten suddenly you passed out, your ex ran away and I called Louis to pick up us and bring us here, where you are safe, by the way, the guys wanted to meet you since two days ago and they took care of you while I was making the brownies and you were asleep, they told me you're beautiful" I said grinning. "Really?" she asked embarrassed. Half hour later..."Guys!!! The pizza is here" I heard Zayn shouting. I stood up, Lizzie tried but she felt to the ground. "My ankle..." she said. I picked her up quickly. "I can't walk" she said. "Don't worry" I said smiling. I carried Lizzie to the kitchen table, everybody was already there ready to start eating. I left Lizzie on a chair and I sat next to her. "Who's ready to eat?" Harry asked. "Niall, obviously" Liam said. After that we started eating.  LIZZIE'S POV: "Do you want some pizza babe?" Harry asked me. "Sure" I answered. Harry put a slice of pizza in my plate and I gave it a bite. "Tell us about your life sweetheart" Louis told me. "What can I say?" I asked. "What ever you want" Zayn said. "Well... Why don't you ask something?" I propouse. "Great idea!" Liam said. "Who wants to start?" Niall asked. "I know, first Niall, then Louis, Zayn, Liam and at last me" Harry said. "OK, which food is your favourite?" Niall asked. "Quesadillas, it's a mexican typical plate" I answered. "When was your first kiss?" Louis asked. "I haven't had my first kiss" I answered. Everybody looked at me weird. "You didn't kiss your boyfriend? Never?" Zayn asked. "No... I don't know why..." I answered sincerely "I'm keeping it for the right guy". "Why are you wearing Niall's sweatshirt?" Liam asked. "Because it's special, Niall gave it to me the day we met". I said while smiling. "Are you in love with Niall?" Harry asked. I looked at Harry nervously and then I looked Niall, he looked at me and then he smiled, I blushed and smiled. "Well..." I started saying when Harry interrupted me and asked Niall: "Are you in love with Lizzie?". "Well I think everybody here knows the answer" Louis said. I smiled but I started feeling nervous so I asked: "And what about you guys? What can you tell me about your life?". "I love cats and everybody says I'm the flirty one" Harry said. "I really love carrots and my pigeon 'Sherbet'". Louis said. "I really really hate spoons". Liam said. "I need to look myself in every reflective surface" Zayn said grinning. "Everybody says that I breath food" Niall said and then he laughed. "That's the truth buddy" Liam said. I laughed. I realised that the guys were just normal people, maybe they were famous, but that didn't stop them from having their mind on the real world. I really liked that fact about them. "Babe, you didn't answer my question" Harry told me. "What did you ask me?" I pretended to forget what he asked me, and obviously I started to get nervous. "Are you in love with Niall?" he asked me. Everybody looked at me anxiously, specially Niall, maybe he was waiting for a yes. I was about to answer when my phone started ringing. I answered. I saw that Niall was looking at me sad, maybe he tough it was Blake. After seconds I hung up. "Who was it sweetheart?" Louis asked. "Is everything OK?" Niall asked me. "No, it was my Mom, she called me from the airport, she's going out of the city and she doesn't know when she is coming back" I said sad. "Why? Where she's going?" Niall asked me. "She has a work meeting in Glasgow" I said upset "My life is kinda complicated and sad, my mom and dad died 3 years ago because they had a wired heart disease, after that I lived in an orphan for a year, I was bullied all the time I were there. One day Kara adopted me, she's my aunt, I like to call her mom, because she loves me a lot". I was trying not to cry."My life changed since they left" I added. "It's OK Lizzie" Zayn tried to make me feel better. "Are you staying at your home?" Liam asked me. "No" I answered "I forgot my keys in my home and my mom took hers and mines by accident, so I think I'll stay on the street or in my crazy uncle's house". "I won't let you" Niall said. "You can stay here babe" Harry told me. "Yes sweetheart, you can stay on the guest room". Louis said happy. "Really?" I asked ashamed. "Sure" Niall answered grinning. "Thanks guys" I said smiling "You are awesome". "Is somebody tired?" Liam asked. "No, why?" I answered. "Because we can light up a fireplace on the backyard and sing some songs, would you like to do that?" Liam said. "Great idea, I'll go and look for my guitar" Niall said. Niall ran upstairs and the rest of us went to the backyard, Harry helped me to walk. 
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