The Day I found you

Synopsis: Hi, I'm Lizzie and I'm 16 years old, I'm part Mexican and part British. I live in London now. I have straight long brown hair, light brown eyes and people say that my smile is cute, but I know I'm an ugly freak. My life is kinda difficult, until I meet the cutest guy in the whole world. In that moment I thought my problems were gone, but what happens when my step mother abandons me and another band members starts to fall in love with me? But these aren't all my problems... everything gets worse...


3. I should have kissed you

NIALL'S POV: "Are you going to do something later?" I asked Lizzie. "No" she answered "I wanted to go home, why?". "Never mind..." I said. "Please, tell me" she said. "I wanted to invite you to the park... or to buy a hot chocolate" I said. "That's a good idea, in my house we have a bench outside on the front yard, we can sit there too while drinking our chocolate" Lizzie said while smiling. "So... It's a date?" I asked with a smile on my face. "Sure" she answered an then she blushed, that looked cute. LIZZIE'S POV: I can't believe that Niall Horan asked me out on a date!!! I'm so so so happy, I really loved this boy. "Let's go" he told me. We stood up and then we started walking. "We can buy a hot chocolate in Starbucks" he said. "I don't know" I answered sincerely "It's kinda expensive and I didn't bring a lot of money". "Don't worry for that" Niall said "I'll pay for both chocolates". "Niall..." I tried to speak. "Please Lizzie" he interrupted me and then he look me with a sweet look, I couldn't say no. "Fine" I said "But next time I'll pay". "OK" Niall answered in a not convincing way.  NIALL'S POV: We were walking, and I tried to get closer to her, so we started to walk shoulder with shoulder. Then by accident I touched her hand, she looked at me with a nervous, but cute, smile, she blushed, I smiled too. We were in Starbucks, I ordered the 2 hot chocolates and then we walk to Lizzie's house. "Thanks Niall, for everything" Lizzie told me with a smile on her face. "You're welcome" I answered "I'll do everything for a special person". Lizzie blushed a little. Then we kept walking and walking. "Here we are" Lizzie said looking her house. "Nice house" I said. "Thanks" Lizzie told me. After that Lizzie guide me to a small and old wood bench under a big tree. We sat in the bench, we talked for hours, it was getting late and it started to get cold, but I didn't want to leave Lizzie, I didn't want to lose her. I started getting closer to her, slowly, I didn't want to scare her, she smiled and I smiled too. I put my hand on her cheek, it's was soft and cold. "Lizzie" I said her name. "Niall" she said mine. "I... I... Lo..." I started saying. Suddenly we both closed our eyes and I pulled her closer to me, our lips were about 1 cm to make contact, I was about to kiss Lizzie when someone called her: "Lizzie!!!! You have a phone call!!!!. "Coming mom!!" she answered "Sorry about that". "Don't worry" I answered kinda sad. "I got to go" Lizzie said to me "We can hang out tomorrow if you want" "Sure" I answered her with a smile on my face. Lizzie stood up, but before she leaved, she gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek, then she ran to her house. I really wanted to kiss Lizzie. I was sad. After a couple of minutes I started walking to my house.
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