The Day I found you

Synopsis: Hi, I'm Lizzie and I'm 16 years old, I'm part Mexican and part British. I live in London now. I have straight long brown hair, light brown eyes and people say that my smile is cute, but I know I'm an ugly freak. My life is kinda difficult, until I meet the cutest guy in the whole world. In that moment I thought my problems were gone, but what happens when my step mother abandons me and another band members starts to fall in love with me? But these aren't all my problems... everything gets worse...


14. Hero

LIZZIE'S POV: I couldn't sleep last night. I was stuck in that nasty orphan. I went to eat some breakfast, it was like 8:00 am. I took a bowl of gross cereal and a cup of sour milk. I went to sit alone to a table when suddenly the meanest girl in the orphan, Dakota, approached to my table. "I told you, you were coming back one day" she said nastily. "Shut up" I said back. "Don't be sad, everybody here knew that your 'boyfriend' was going to abandon you here, want to know why?" she asked me. "I don't care" I answered trying to keep my eyes on my cereal. "BECAUSE YOU ARE SO FREAKING UGLY!!! He was drunk, when he started to get better he realised how ugly you are and came to dump you here like a trash bag, because that's what you are! AND NOBODY WILL LOVE YOU NEVER, FREAK!!!" she said and then she started to laugh. Well... I knew she was telling the truth, I'm ugly and a freak, I feel like a trash bag and sooner that I can imagine he will dump me and start to date a beautiful famous girl. But, even tough, she made me feel worse. I didn't need anyone to tell me what I already now. I tried to leave but she stopped me. "Let me go" I said. "No freak". I really wanted to leave, then she suddenly punched my stomach. I could hardly breath but I threw her on her face the cup of sour milk. "SON OF A B...!!!!" she said. I tried to run, but a friend of Dakota hold my back and I just remember Dakota's fist on my face. I fell to the ground and my head was laying in a blood puddle. NIALL'S POV: "Can we go now to see Lizzie, guys???" I asked desperately. I was an idiot. I shouldn't leave Lizzie in that horrible orphan. "Yes, calm down". Zayn said. We went to the garage and got inside our back guard SUV. "Faster please!!!" I said. We were on our way to the orphan, I was so anxious. "Niall, please calm down" Harry said to me. "What if she gets bullied again?" I said sad. "Everything's fine" Louis said to me. "No, nothing's fine, my beautiful girlfriend is living in that hell" I said. Minutes later we arrived to the orphan. I ran to the entrance and I opened the main door. "I'm here to see Lizzie Rivera" I said to the secretary. "Sure, she's in the nursery" she said to me. "What?!?!" I asked worried. "What's wrong?" Liam asked. "Lizzie's in the nursery..." I answered. I ran to the nursery, I opened the door and I saw Lizzie sitting on a chair, here nose and mouth were bleeding a lot. "What happened?!?!" I asked. "Niall!!!" Lizzie said smiling. I ran and I gave Lizzie a hug. "I thought you forget me, and that you abandoned me..." Lizzie said to me. Tears were running down her cheeks. "I wouldn't do that, I promised you that, because you are the best thing in my life and I love you so damn much..." I said trying not to cry. "I love you more Niall" Lizzie said to me. Lizzie sat again on the chair and I sat next to her. "What happened?" I asked her, I touched her nose carefully. "Ouch, nothing, I... I... Just crashed with a wall" she said. "Don't lie to me Lizzie, you aren't good at that" I said smiling. "OK, Dakota, said mean things to me, like that I'm ugly, a freak, trash and nobody will love me never, but... They are kinda truth... After that I tipped her face with sour milk and she punched me in my face" she said. "Those things aren't true, you are the most beautiful girl in the world, you are smart, awesome and I really love you" I said looking into Lizzie's eyes. "Really?" she asked with a smile. "I wouldn't lie to you..." I answered with a grin. I didn't care if she had blood in her mouth I just kissed her passionately. After that the guys entered to the nursery. "Babe what happened to you?" Harry asked Lizzie. "Nothing serious..." she answered. After that the nurse cleaned Lizzie's mouth and nose and then we went to the backyard, I saw Dakota and I hold Lizzie's hand and I gave her another kiss. She looked me with anger, but she deserved it. We spend a lot of hours there. Harry brought his famous fish and chips and we made a picnic. After that the secretary told us that we should leave. "I love you Lizzie" I said to Lizzie. "I love you more" she answered. I hugged her tight and kissed her passionately. After that the boys and me leaved. LIZZIE'S POV: It was like 10:30 pm. I was already in my bed I covered myself with a lot of blankets and I looked to the sky trough my window. I couldn't stop thinking about Niall. NIALL'S POV:  The guys were on their rooms so I decided to do something romantic for Lizzie. I took my guitar and I drove in my car to the orphan. I arrived 5 minutes later, I took my guitar from the back seat and I stood up outside Lizzie's window and I started playing the song "Hero" by Sterling Knight. LIZZIE'S POV: I was about to sleep when I heard someone playing the guitar. I sat on the bed and I opened the window. Tears started running down my cheeks, it was Niall, playing the most beautiful song I've heard in my whole life. I was so so in love with him. He sang with passion and emotion. When he ended the song he stared at me and I smile. He waved his hand making the 'Goodbye' sign but before he got inside his car he shouted: I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL!!!!!". "I LOVE YOU MORE NIALL!!!" I shouted back. I started to cry harder. Then he drove away, I closed the window, laid on the bed and cried myself to sleep.
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