The Day I found you

Synopsis: Hi, I'm Lizzie and I'm 16 years old, I'm part Mexican and part British. I live in London now. I have straight long brown hair, light brown eyes and people say that my smile is cute, but I know I'm an ugly freak. My life is kinda difficult, until I meet the cutest guy in the whole world. In that moment I thought my problems were gone, but what happens when my step mother abandons me and another band members starts to fall in love with me? But these aren't all my problems... everything gets worse...


21. Back home


NIALL'S POV: A month later... Lizzie and I were walking in the street, we wanted to celebrate our 1st anniversary. We walked to a little restaurant called 'The Roll Factory'. In the way we passed in front of Lizzie's old house. LIZZIE'S POV: I was walking with my boyfriend Niall when I heard a familiar voice calling me: "Lizzie?". I turned back and I saw my mom walking in the sidewalk. "Mom!" I exclaimed. I ran to my mom and I hugged her tight. "I'm sorry Lizzie... I'm a bad mother" she said. "Don't say that mom, you are the best" I said. We both started crying. We stepped back and Niall hold my hand. "Why are you here?" I asked my mom. "Robert was playing with me, he used to hit me, so I decided to get back home" se said while crying. "I'm so sorry mom" I told her. "Would you come back to live here with me?" she asked me. I looked Niall, I thought he was going to say no, but instead of that he smiled at me. "Sure" I told my mom. She smiled. "Thanks Lizzie, I love you" she said to me. "I love you too mom" I told her "By the way mom, he's Niall, my boyfriend". "Nice to meet you Niall" my mom said. "Nice to meet you too" he said. "Mom, I was about to go with Niall to the restaurant that's a block away..." I said. "Sure, go" she said with a smile. "I'll be in home at 9:00 pm" I said. "OK Lizzie, have fun!" my mom told me. My mom got inside the house and Niall and I walked to 'The Roll Factory'. NIALL'S POV: We were on the restaurant, we order some food and sat in a table. "I'll miss you so much beautiful" I said to Lizzie. "I'll miss you too, but you can go and visit me every time you want at any time" she said. "Your mom loves you a lot" I said. "I know, and I love her too" she said with a smile. "I love you so damn much Lizzie!" I said to her. "I love you more Niall" she said to me. After the date we walked home. Lizzie entered the guest room and started to pack her bags. "Are you planning to scape again?" Zayn asked her. "No" she said. "Lizzie's mom is back in town and she asked her to move back home" I explained. "We'll miss you so much sweetheart" Louis told her. Lizzie stood up and hugged all of us. "I love you all guys... Never forget that, and you can come and visit me every time you want and also I can come if you invite me" she said with a smile. "We love you too, and you are invited every time you want" Liam said to her. "Thanks for all this moments I lived with you, they were amazing and I'll never forget them" she said and started to cry a little. "Thanks to you too, you are an amazing friend" Louis said to her. Lizzie ended packing her bags, took her car keys, we both got inside her car and drove home. We arrived to Lizzie's house and I walked with her to the main entrance. "Thanks for everything" she said to me. "Thanks to you, you made me feel what true love is" I said. "Thanks for teaching me that being single doesn't mean that you're weak, it means that you're strong enough to wait for what you deserve" she said with a smile. "I love you Lizzie" I said. "I love you more Niall" she said back. She wrapped her arms around my neck, I wrapped mines around her waist and we kissed passionately. After we kissed. She got inside her house and I walked back home.
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