The One

Alex just moved to LA with her mom and meets her neighbours, Justin and his mom Pattie...
I basically got the beginning (aka just like how they meet) from 'Bieber's Girlfriend' by hipster, then finished it myself. Hope you like it x


1. What happened next

"I got even more turned on and started taking of my shirt too. He helped me with the other clothes. And continued..."


-Wait stop... said Justin

-What is it sweetie? I replied

-Its just that... my mom was my age when she got pregnant... and i don't want to make the same mistake...

-yeah... you're right... and i mean i'm only 16... its just that it felt right you know? we might be going a little too fast

We just smiled at each other. Justin slowly kissed me one last time and we got redressed. I just felt like he was the one, even though we've only known each other for a few days... Justin must of read my mind because he pulled me closed and whispered:

-I love you...

All I could do was smile because I realised I loved him too...

-I love you too Justin, i said laughing

-Why are you laughing? 

-I'm just happy

- aww you're so cute...

We heard a key in the lock and I turned to face the door. It was Pattie, she was back from the market with my mom.

-Hi Alex! your mom told me what was going on, she said cheekily 

-Hi Pattie, erm yh i replied laughing.

Justin was puzzled, haha

-Anyway... you two have school tomorrow! You excited Alex?

- Yh i guess... kind of nervous actually

- well its a good thing you have Justin with you. Oh and have you met Ryan and Chaz yet?

-Yeah mom we went to shoot some hoops yesterday... Justin replied. Then he whispered: don't worry, i'll take good care of you.




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