The One

Alex just moved to LA with her mom and meets her neighbours, Justin and his mom Pattie...
I basically got the beginning (aka just like how they meet) from 'Bieber's Girlfriend' by hipster, then finished it myself. Hope you like it x


2. School

My alarm woke me up at 7am, that thing sounds like a bomb alert! I looked at my phone and realised I had a text... It was from Justin. I loved the early day text messages he sent ;)

From: Justin

Morning sweetheart, I'll drive you. Be ready by 8 :*

I pulled on some skinny jeans, a cute top and some converse then went downstairs for breakfast. I had just finished doing my hair and makeup when Justin knocked on the door. I couldn't wait to see him, i rushed to door. God he looked hot! He gave me a quick kiss and we drove off. By the time we got to school Ryan and Chaz were waiting by the entrance. When we walked in everyone was staring at us... I was holding on to Justin's hand with Chaz and Ryan on my right. I glanced at Justin and realised he had that look that said "she's mine" in his eyes. Then this girl came up to us, she was fairly short and slim, with long blonde hair.

-Hi Justin! she said, who your friend?

-This is Alex... sorry Kayla but I don't want to be late for 1st period, Justin replied.

I could feel her looking at me as we walked off. I asked Justin,

-Who's she?

-She's Justin ex, they dated for like a month last year and she still isn't over him, said Ryan laughing.

I turned around to get a better look at Kayla... she was really pretty! She saw me and gave me a death stare... I wondered weather to worry about her or not...

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