The One

Alex just moved to LA with her mom and meets her neighbours, Justin and his mom Pattie...
I basically got the beginning (aka just like how they meet) from 'Bieber's Girlfriend' by hipster, then finished it myself. Hope you like it x


4. New York

I'd spent two weeks in New York already... I was dying just thinking about Justin! He called me everyday but still... I wanted to see him. My phone rang, it was Justin!


-Hey babe, that was fast

-Well i wanted to talk to you

-I have big news! he said excitedly

-Spill it then! i replied teasingly

-Well there's this guy Scooter who discovered me and now he wants to sign me!

-Oh my god! Justin that's amazing!

Then he told me all about Scooter and the record deal. I was really happy for him! The only thing that kind of bothered me was that he was going to have girls begging to kiss him where ever he goes... i didn't say anything though i guess i was just being jealous. Another long day in New York and Justin rang. I had just gotten back from a photo shoot in the other end of the city, so i was exhausted! 

-Hi sweetie, i said

-Hi honey, he replied, i miss you

-You have no idea, i wish i could be in your arms right now...

-Then open the door

-What? i said 

I ran to the hotel door whilst hanging up the phone and slammed it open. Justin was there. Like right in front of me! I jumped into his arms and we started making out for hours. Guess i wasn't that tired then. The next morning I woke up in his arms, that was the best feeling. He was sleeping so i just went back to cuddling him. He was even gorgeous when he slept! I loved him I loved him I loved him! About half an hour passed and Justin woke up.

-Morning sweetheart, he said smiling

-Morniinng! i replied and ran over to kiss him

-What are you so excited about eh?

-You, i replied, well that and I'm making pancakes

-what would i do without you

-I know right!

We both laughed. He picked me up and twirled me around. I started shrieking for him to let me down. We messed around for a while, and maybe a bit too long coz the pancaked turned out kinda burnt... 

-So what are we doing today? Justin asked

-Well Mister, you are very lucking because today is my day off!

-Oooh i wonder what we could do

-I think i have an idea, i said before kissing him. 

We went out shopping for a while and as we where coming back, it started to rain... like a lot! We made a run for it. Even though we looked like idiots it was really romantic, hand in hand running through the streets of Manhattan in the rain. We found a shelter near by so we could stop running, i'm not much of an athlete. He kissed me slowly, i didn't want to spend a minute without him, and it wasn't even just that phase where couples are all over each other... it was just love. God, every time i time i look into hazel eyes i just melt like a snowman in hawaii.

-Did i ever mention that i love your eyes? i said

-Nope... did i ever mention that you're beautiful? he replied

-Yep, i said, teasing him.

The raining wore down and we went back to the hotel. We were watching t.v when i turned to Justin

-By the way, how long are staying? 

-10 days, he replied

That meant i only had 4 more days without him! When you think about it, here we are, on vacation, just the two of us. This is going to be amazing, i thought to myself.

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