The One

Alex just moved to LA with her mom and meets her neighbours, Justin and his mom Pattie...
I basically got the beginning (aka just like how they meet) from 'Bieber's Girlfriend' by hipster, then finished it myself. Hope you like it x


6. LA

Back in LA we both went home to our moms and spent the day apart just unpacking and stuff. Then at like 11 at night he texted me:

-Hey babe, you know the guy i've been telling you about, Scooter? well he's coming over from Atlanta tomorrow so that we can gets things clarified. Isn't that awesome? love you

I felt really happy for him but on the other hand i was scared we would end up spending a lot of time apart if this all happened. I replied:

-That's great! wow i'm so happy for you. What time is he coming? love you

-At like 1

-Ok great well i'll see you tomorrow morning?

-yeah definitely, good night gorgeous

-night sweetie


There was a loud knocking on the front door. Who could it be? The pounding kept going.

-I'm cominnngggg , i yelled.

When i opened the door Justin rushed into the house followed by Pattie.

-Hiii Alex! How have you been?

-Hi! great thanks, i replied, erm my mum's in the living room if you want to talk to her.

When Pattie went into the living room to find my mum Justin was practically jumping up and down

-What is it Justin? gosh calm down, i said laughing

-Ok well.... are you ready?

-yess i'm ready!

-well to sum it up... Scooter is now my manager and he got in contact with Usher and basically i'm going to go sing for Usher tomorrow and he's like on the verge of signing me

-Wow Justin that's just wow, i was in shock right now

-what's wrong?

-nothing i'm so happy for you!

-I am so happy right now, this is my dream you know?

Not waiting for an answer he kissed me. I loved him too much. I knew how this was, he was gonna travel a lot if he got big, and amazing as he is, that would probably happen. Plus millions of girls would fall in love with him, if he became a celebrity, what would happen to us? There was just a lot going through my mind. I was just paranoid, we have time.  




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