The One

Alex just moved to LA with her mom and meets her neighbours, Justin and his mom Pattie...
I basically got the beginning (aka just like how they meet) from 'Bieber's Girlfriend' by hipster, then finished it myself. Hope you like it x


3. Kayla

I was crashing at Justin's place when i got a text from Kayla. How the hell did she get my number? It said: 'Stay away from my man!' Justin saw me reading the text with a puzzled expression because he ask me what was wrong. I showed him the message and i feel he was getting angry... at least he was sexy when he was angry.

- What?! don't worry Alex, i'll settle this, he said

- I wasn't worrying, i trust you, i replied with a smile.

So we went back to watching t.v, i was lying on Justin's lap and he was stroking my hair. But then i got another text, it was a picture of Justin and Kayla kissing. The message was: This was last week... I gave the phone back to Justin, not doubting him at all, and he got really angry. He assured me it was last year and that he there was nothing between them.

-Don't worry Justin. I know... would it be totally inappropriate to tell you your anger really turns me on

We both laughed and then he leaned in the kiss me. Damn, his lips are like candy, i just can't get enough of them.


- You sure you have everything you need?

- Yes mom everything's fine!

I was going to New York for a week for a photo shoot. I know a week isn't much but it's feels like forever when i'm not with Justin. He came by this morning before i left for my flight, which was really sweet because my flight was at 5am. It was a really long flight... all i could do was think about Justin. He was working on some music and he gave me a cd so i got to listen to his beautiful voice during the everlasting flight hours. When i got to the airport my agent, Spencer, was waiting for me. I couldn't wait to get to the hotel and get some rest! But no, straight to the photo shoot. I was posing for both jcp and victoria's secret swim wear. After an exhausting day Justin called me:

- Hi sweetheart, not to tired?

- I'm exhausted!

- Oh should i leave leave you then?

- Oh no i could talk to you all night.


When i got to LA, Justin came to pick me up at the airport. When I saw him I literally ran and jumped into his arms, i had missed him so much! We went back to my place and spent the rest of our day together. Then Spencer called, she told me I had to be back in New York in two weeks, but for a month this time. It was bad enough having to leave Justin, but how was i gonna break it to him? I kind of avoided him when it was almost time for me to leave. Sacha called, we gotten really close over my three months in town. She was the only person i'd told.

- You have to tell him Alex. It's now or never

- Yh you're right... I donna why i haven't told him... I'll just miss him so much.

- I know... promise you'll call me really often?

- Of course! 

I went over to Justin's and i took him outside. 

- Justin i need to tell you something.

He looked worried so I cut to the chase.

- I'm going back to New York in two days... 

I looked at him to see how he'd react. He looked relieved that it wasn't something really bad.

- Oh... for how long?

- A month...

Then his smile dropped. It was really hard for me too. A month without Justin was gonna be tough. He drove me to the airport Monday morning and we kissed goodbye. I boarded the plane and looked at my phone.

From Justin:

I'll miss you sweetheart, promise i'll call you every night.

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