The One

Alex just moved to LA with her mom and meets her neighbours, Justin and his mom Pattie...
I basically got the beginning (aka just like how they meet) from 'Bieber's Girlfriend' by hipster, then finished it myself. Hope you like it x


5. Green hair

I woke up at 7am , it was so cold in the room! Justin mentioned he was a prankster so i thought i'd try to prank him. I carefully moved his arms from my stomach and opened to door to the bathroom. Justin just loves his hair so that was a great target. I had planned this for a while so yesterday i bought a can of green hair spray, the kind that just washes out in the shower. I opened the cabinet trying to make as less noise as possible and took out his hair gel. I sprayed it all over, but it didn't look green until it was in your hair so it was fine. When the job was done i put the gel back and cuddled back into Justin's arms. He woke up like 10 minutes after. 

- Morning sweaty, i said

- Morning, he replied, what are you so happy about?

- Nothing... come on lets get breakfast, i said already getting up and turning on the lights.

Justin moaned. He has the sexiest voice when he just wakes up. I skipped out of the room went to the suite's kitchen. There was a knock on the door. I went to open it.

-Room service, said a short man, here's the breakfast you ordered.

-Thanks! Justin replied taking it from him and going back to the kitchen.

- Aww you ordered breakfast?

-Yup, i wanted my pancakes to be edible today.

- Shut uuup, i replied teasingly.

When we finished breakfast i got dressed in light skinny jeans and a black sleeveless shirt. I had finished doing my hair and make up then went to tell Justin he could use the bathroom now. Omg i couldn't wait to see him get pranked! A few minutes later i heard a scream. I ran to the bathroom with a massive grin on my face. As soon as i open the door i saw an angry green haired hottie.

-What did you do?! Justin asked panicking

-Who's unpunkable now Justin? I yelled laughing

-I am so gonna get you back

-Is that so?

-Yeahhhh, he said picking me up and spinning me around

-Stop it put me down! it's only semi permanent you know.

-What? Justin said putting me down.

-No I'm kidding just take a shower it'll wash out.

- Oh thank god... you almost got me.

- Almost?! come you were freaking out! i was laughing like hell right now

- Aleeexxx i am so gonna get you!

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