The only way is up

Its about this boy named niall who falls in love
But he have to chose between being in one direction
Or follows he's heart and chose love


2. The flirt

Niall P.O.V 

I took a bath brushed and got some cloths on. a blue shirt and Some jeans *ding* i heard the doorbell "I'll get it!" i yelled on my Way down the stairs I opened the door and too my surprise there Was Harry."hey Harry" i said disappointed "what's wrong Niall?" he said And wallet into the house "i just waiting for someon" i answered "who?" he asked Excited "a girl" I said happy "what's her name?" he asked happy "Bella" I answered quitly. But not quit enough for him to hear me. "Wait that Bella?!" he yelled Why does Bella also have to be Harry's ex? "Yes" i said quitly i hope he wont freak out about it "YOU CANT DATE HER!" he yelled really angry. "she's your ex so i can chill" i said angry. "Your right sorry its just.. you know" he said sad "yeah i know its strange but im really in love whit her" i said quitly "okay im sorry mate" he said ¨  and whit that he left the room *ding* "I'LL GET IT!" i shoutet and opned the door and there she was.WÓW she looked amazing she had short shorts on and a pink one-shoulder shirt and her eye's oh her adoreble blue eye's i just meltet everytime i see into her beautiful blue eye's i just stood there and smiled like an idiot.          "Hey Niall" she said smiling and waved "hey Bella come in!" i said happy she walket into the house and sad down in the couch i sat next to her "do you want some water or enything?" i asked her "yeah water woud be great" "okay ill get some for you" i said happy as i walket into the kitchen.and guess who i soor in the couch talking to bella HARRY. "here is your water bella" i said a little upset "thank you" she said smiling ohh her smile it is just so beautiful. "harry liam said he wantet to talk to you in he's room" i said a little angry i dont  want harry to get her he always get the girl."okay ill go then" he said sad i sat down next to her agien.I couldet help but just stare at her she just looked so beautiful "umm what are you staring at?" she said laughing "oh sorry" i said blushing "its just your beautiful blue eye's" i said smiling like an idiot."Thanks" she said smiling and blushing "it's just that i really like you do you wana go out whit me?" i said a little shy.

sorry for shuch a short chapter ill write more tomorrow

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