The only way is up

Its about this boy named niall who falls in love
But he have to chose between being in one direction
Or follows he's heart and chose love


1. Bella

Niall's P.O.V

Wow that Girl i just cant get her out of my
Mind. "whats up" liam askes "umm just thinking about Bella" i aswered
"still thinking about her?!" he says a little shocket "yeah.." I says whit
A weak tone. "I think you should go call her" Louis says while he's walking
Into the room "did you been listening all the time?" Liam asked "yea you can't
Hide enything from boobear" Louis answered "well maby ur right I'm going too
Call her" and whit that I left.*calling Bella* "hello it's bella" she says
"hey Bella it's Niall I was just thinking if you maby wanna come over?"
"sure that sounds fun I'll be there in 20 minutes" she said "okay see you then"
And whit that we hung up.


Did you like it plz comment cuz if you did I'll make more so plz comment
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