Run Faster

The story of Dakota, a normal teenage girl - or at least she thought until she is sent on an FBI mission to rescue her kidnapped father and stop nuclear weapons from being manufactured.


9. Chapter 9

  "So that's it? No training?" I asked later behind an old, abandoned train station where I would depart for my mission in a few moments.

  "I'll leave you with one last piece of advice. Any feeling you have in your gut, any thought of superstition in your mind - follow it. That's how a real agent succeeds." As Agent 12 said his last word, I climbed up on to the platform and followed the voices until I reached the end.

  "Down here," someone whispered. So I jumped down into a sea of people wearing grey jumpsuits, like mine. There was a train speeding towards us and guards making sure nothing out of order happened. They surprisingly did nothing when I jumped down. Perfect.

  When the train reached us, everyone crowded the doors to get in. There were also guards inside the train taking a head count. When I reached the door, one guard mumbled, "527," and let me pass. He stopped the person behind me. "Whoa, where you think you're goin', buddy?" and they took him away.

 That was close, I thought. And with that, the doors closed and we began to roll away.

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