Run Faster

The story of Dakota, a normal teenage girl - or at least she thought until she is sent on an FBI mission to rescue her kidnapped father and stop nuclear weapons from being manufactured.


5. Chapter 5


  I woke up in a blank room. I wasn’t tied up though, just lying on the floor. I had a large, tender bump on my  left cheek where I was punched. I examined the room I was in a little further and found a security camera. I looked up at it, staring, until a door appeared out of no where and a man in a suit walked in “Hello, Dakota. I bet you are wondering why we have taken you here,” he said in a heavy Spanish accent.    “How do you-”   “I know you have many, many questions, but you must hold all of them until I am done explaining. You see, as you may know, me and my employees-we’re with the FBI. So, we know everything about you. You were born January 28th, 1996. Your mother overdosed in 2002 and you had enough understanding and intelligence to call poison control. You attend Fillmore High School and you are on Honor Roll. Would you like me to go on?”   “No, thanks.”   “Now, your father, he’s been held hostage for 10 years know. We have had no legible agents for this specific job, but know that you are old enough, we believe we can use you.”   “Okay, this is hilarious, really funny. Who decided to pull this joke? Was it Aaron?”   “Ah, yes. Aaron Tomroy-your one and only friend. No, I’m afraid he’s at home and this situation is all too serious.”   “But my father wasn’t with the FBI, he was a City Council Member.”   “That was his cover-story, but this is the real one. Now, any more questions?”   “Let’s see. Is this a nightmare? Is there any other option? Do I have more time to let this sink in? Can I have more information?”   “No. No. No. And if you just follow me you’ll get more information.”   I hesitated, but in the end I followed him back out the door that he entered through.  
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