Run Faster

The story of Dakota, a normal teenage girl - or at least she thought until she is sent on an FBI mission to rescue her kidnapped father and stop nuclear weapons from being manufactured.


4. Chapter 4


  I sat quietly in all my classes that day, even in lunch-not that that was unusual. I sat alone everyday because I didn’t have any classes-or even lunch-with Aaron. So when the last bell rang, I went to the hallway to search for him. Maybe I could get him back for this morning, but when he didn’t appear, I just started heading for home.    That’s when I saw them again. They were following closer than before, which frightened me quite a bit. This time, without thinking, I sprinted for home and they sprinted after me. But this time they were gaining on me, so I ran faster. I couldn’t calm myself down. I knew I’d be safer I did, but I couldn’t. There was a voice in my head telling me, ‘Run faster, run faster.’   I couldn’t go fast enough because they were faster. One tackled me and punched my face in an attempt to knock me out, but it didn’t work.   “Who are you?” I screamed through blood dripping from my lip.   “FBI.”   That’s when I blacked out.
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