Run Faster

The story of Dakota, a normal teenage girl - or at least she thought until she is sent on an FBI mission to rescue her kidnapped father and stop nuclear weapons from being manufactured.


2. Chapter 2


  A burst of cool air hit me as I stepped outside. Our small lawn was covered in fresh dew. I’d had a lot of memories on that lawn. Kicking a soccer ball around with my dad, playing kickball with my dad. It was all fun and games until he disappeared 10 years ago. I could barely remember what he looked like. So when I tried to picture us playing on the front lawn, all I saw was me and a black shadow in his place. I snapped back to reality, shoved my hands in my pockets, and walked to the corner where the bus picked me up. I glanced up from the ground as each car passed, to make sure my mom eventually passed in her used, silver Sedan. When she did, I smiled and waved. As soon as my dad disappeared, she had turned to alcohol-maybe even drugs, but I didn’t ask. She loved my dad so much. One day we woke up and he was gone. My mom was heartbroken. I couldn’t help but compare her to a swan. Swans can die from a broken heart. She was on the verge of being dead. She didn’t come out of her room for days. I lived off of what I could. There wasn’t much you can cook when you’re six - I had Hot Pockets and pizza delivered.   One day I felt so lonely, I dared to wander into my mom’s room. I stepped around tissues and wine bottles and other unidentifiable items until I reached my mom. She had blood-shot eyes, she was completely still.    She wasn’t breathing.   I called 911. I told them, “My mommy isn’t breathing. She needs help,” through a teary voice.   An ambulance showed up and took me and my mom to the hospital. I was left in the waiting room with the receptionist. I waited until 8 o’clock the next morning. The doctor came up to me with an exhausted look on his face. I braced myself for the worst. The doctor took a deep breath, smiled and said, “Your mom is going to be just fine.” He took me to see her and she apologized to me over and over. I hugged her over and over. But, she still hasn’t stopped drinking.   My bus came and I had to wipe tears from my eyes. I showed the driver my bus pass and took a seat. Not many people took this bus, but there were 2 new characters today. Men in black suits and dark sunglasses. One had an ear piece. He spoke into it, but he was too far for me to make it out. I paid little attention to them, though.   Maybe I should have.
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