Run Faster

The story of Dakota, a normal teenage girl - or at least she thought until she is sent on an FBI mission to rescue her kidnapped father and stop nuclear weapons from being manufactured.


13. Chapter 13

  So, a partner. That should be helpful. I wish I could message Agent 12 back on my watch and tell him how helpful that would have been earlier. It took 500 pounds off my shoulders, that's for sure. My watch beeped.

Meet him behind the mess hall tonight at midnight. 

    Where the heck is the mess hall? I thought. Guess I'll figure it out at lunch... if we get lunch.

  About half an hour later, a beefy woman rang a cowbell and screamed, "Lunch!" 

  Great, now we're cattle, I thought to myself. 

  "Everyone single file!" the woman screamed. We all did as we were told and marched out the doors towards a brick building which I'm guessing was the mess hall. "Today's lunch is meatloaf. Tomorrow's lunch is meatloaf. The next day's lunch is meatloaf... or at least that's what we're calling it. Enjoy."

  We all got on line to acquire trays with a questionable loaf of meat on them. 

  "Delicious," Apollo, who had suddenly appeared next to me murmured. I snickered. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I twirled around to see the face of the beefy woman.

  "What is so funny?" she asked in a voice too deep to be a woman's.

  "Nothing," Apollo said.

  "Not you!" she yelled. "You, Miss. What is your name?"

  "D-- Danielle," I stuttered. That was close. I figured giving a fake name would be safer.

  "Well, D-- Danielle," she mimicked, "How would you like to see some real humor?"

  "No thank you," I responded.

  "Very, well then," she said and walked away.

  Blending in this place is going to be a lot harder than I thought.

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