Run Faster

The story of Dakota, a normal teenage girl - or at least she thought until she is sent on an FBI mission to rescue her kidnapped father and stop nuclear weapons from being manufactured.


10. Chapter 10

  Fifteen minutes into the ride a voice came over the intercom. "Good evening, minions," this was followed by an evil laugh. "There is no talking to other passengers. If you do decide to chat, you will be punished severely. Understood?" Everyone nodded, including myself. "Excellent. And welcome to the business." This was followed by another evil laugh. I rolled my eyes.

 Great an evil mastermind, I thought. I examined the passengers around me. They were all sitting quietly, some even had their hands on their laps. This is going to be a long ride. I observed the way the guards were behaving. They all had one had on their scary-looking guns - much bigger than the one I had strapped to my hip under my jumpsuit. I took a deep breath and slumped into my chair. Try to blend, I thought, Try to blend.

"Yo!" someone called from the other side of the isle, "Where does a guy use the toilet around here?" A guard gestured to a door. 

  At least I blend in better than he does, I thought. I kept an eye on the male who was around my age as he made his way to the door. He opened it confidently and was swept out of the train. Two guards hustled to close the door.

  "That's what happens," one of them said in a low, intimidating voice. 

  I turned back to the back of the chair in front of me, more nervous than I was before.

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