Amber doesn't believe in horror, or murderers. Never has. Just sharp, cold reality. But then something came, something more terrifying than she could have ever imagined. The only thing she can do is run.
(Written by IceCreamGirl, edited by Y.Nirvana)


3. Chapter 2

"Amber? Amber? Amber, you need to wake up"

I blinked groggily, still confused by the voice saying my name.

"Amber? Are you awake?"

"Yeah, I think so," I replied, my voice faint and cracked. The world came into focus, the previously fuzzy outlines shifting into sharp reality. I was in the nurses room, with the motherly receptionist shining a light into my eyes. The familiar paintings of daisies and sunshine plastered the walls, a feeble attempt to make the ill feel better. And over there was the nurses trolley, covered in various plasters and creams. Then in the shadows in the corner was... 

I shrieked, loud and high-pitched, filling the small room. The eyes were in the corner, the eyes from the alley. The glowing green eyes, shining out from the shadowy corner of the room. A body was just discernible, a dark blurry body, with no definable contours or features. The only clear thing was the eyes. 

I couldn't look away, couldn't draw my eyes away from the figure in the corner.

"It's here! The creature's here! It's in the corner, you've got to get it out!"

"There's nothing here Amber, there are no creatures!" My gaze flicked back to the nurse as she spoke. Then, when I looked back at the eyes, they were gone. The corner was dark again, devoid of any eyes or creatures.

"Amber? Are you feeling okay? What creature did you see?" The nurses voice was firm now, but she kept glancing worriedly at me, then her gaze flicking back to the corner.

"It was there, in the corner, the eyes, the green eyes, the eyes from the alley!" I was hysteric now, looking round the room, waiting for the creature to come back. She'd seen it, hadn't she? She'd looked in the corner while the eyes were there, she must have seen them!

"I assure you, I did not see anything. There are no creatures here. Is this the alley that you were found in?"

"Huh? I was found?"

"Yes. A passer-by saw you passed out on the ground and brought you here."

"Oh. Right. I think I saw a cat, or something from my dream. It must have been." I wasn't convincing myself, I knew what I'd seen. But I needed to convince her.

"I'm sure it must have been, dear," the nurse assured me, her motherly face creasing up as she smiled kindly at me. Too kindly. 

"Now let me go sort out some things on the computer, I'll be back in a sec. I've called your mum, she's coming to pick you up." Yeah, that was likely.

She hobbled over to the computer, sinking down into the office chair. She brought up a page and started typing. But just before she scrolled down, I caught a glimpse of my face. My school picture, from a few years ago, before I died my hair. She was writing about me, with pursed lips.

But before I could lean in, and find out what she was writing, the sharp clack of heels echoed down the corridor. Mum was here.

"Oh my darling! I've been so worried!" she strode over to me, grabbing me with her talon-like nails and pulling em close to her, almost choking me in her hug. Every inch the good parent.

"We'll talk about this later," she whispered in my ear, the stench of alcohol clinging to her breath.

"Yes, we're very sorry to disturb you. Will you take her now?"

"Yes, of course. I'm just glad my little angel is okay!" This was getting too dramatic now. She grabbed my hand, fingernails digging into my palm.

"I advise a day of rest and recuperation, try and keep her under close watch, and make sure she doesn't fall asleep, as she could have concussion," the nurse advised, as mum dragged me out the office.

"Thanks again!" she trilled, as we left the school. 


They were dragging me along the streets, my back bruised and sore, criss-crossed with cuts. I hope they stop whipping me now. We were almost there, wherever we were going.  I hoped it was good.

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