Loving You Is The Hardest Thing: OneDirectionFanfic

A girl named Mackenzie starts getting hit on by the biggest jerk in school, but he says he's changed and will not take advantage of her. She starts talking to his friends to make sure she could trust him, but it is the hardest decision she's ever had to make. Should she trust him, or not?


2. Your Only Chance

Mackenzie's POV; 

   Harry won't leave me alone! He's like stalking me! Ever where i go 'Theres harry' it's pissing me off, but at the same time he's done some sweet stuff for me. He's protected me from mean girls that tried to hurt me, he got me flowers and gave me love letters. I think i'm slowly starting to like him. NO! I can't, he's a jerk.

Kaitlyn's POV;

   I think Mackenzie is starting to like Harry. Whenever she reads his notes she smiles and blushes. Same with the flowers. I know someday they will be together. Ever since Harry started flirting with Mackenzie I noticed a boy with him. I think his name is Niall Horan. His blonde hair is so perfect, and his deep blue eyes, they make me melt. I just don't think he has noticed me, yet. 

Mackenzie's POV;

   Today i decided to give Harry a chance. I don't know how it will go, but I hope its a good choice. I asked some of his friends, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis If he really has changed. they all answered pretty much the same, 'He has changed a lot and he honestly loves you to death, but he didn't think you would give him the chance'.

'2 hours later' 

   "Harry" I whispered softly. He turned around and looked at me instead of his locker. "Yes" He Questioned, already knowing what i was going to say. "I'm giving you a chance" I said. He picked me up and put me over his shoulders and ran down the halls down to the soccer field. "PUT ME DOWN STLYES!" I screamed trying not to laugh. "sorry" He said as he put me down. "I'm just happy you're giving me a chance" "sorry I just didn't have much trust considering somethings you've done in the past. Plus, this is your only chance" I said being very forward. "okay".

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