Loving You Is The Hardest Thing: OneDirectionFanfic

A girl named Mackenzie starts getting hit on by the biggest jerk in school, but he says he's changed and will not take advantage of her. She starts talking to his friends to make sure she could trust him, but it is the hardest decision she's ever had to make. Should she trust him, or not?


4. The Game

Mackenzie's  POV; 

   Awwe, they looked so cute together. "Niall's turn" Harry Shouted. "erm.. ZAYN! Truth or dare?" "oh umm dare" zayn said, not sure of his decision. "I dare you to switch close with Mackenzie" Niall said trying not to laugh. "All of it? How long?" I questioned. "only shirts and pants and until the game ends" Harry Said. "FINE!" I shouted. 

Zayn's POV;

   Well, this is great ain't it? they probably don't fit me. oh well, it was a dare. When we were done changing we walked out. Mackenzie looked perfectly fine, but I LOOKED RIDICULOUS! Everyone laughed. I just sat down trying to ignore the fact I was wearing girl clothes. "ZAYN! YOUR TURN!" Louis shouted. "Ok, Mackenz-" I was cut off "haven't i done enough?" she asked. "No! Truth or dare?" 

Mackenzie's POV; 

   "Uh... Truth" I said nervously "I wasn't expecting you to say that.." he pouted. "to bad" I laughed "well i don't know what to say" he mumbled. "I'll do it!" Kaitlyn yelled. "Do you honestly like Harry?" She asked very excitedly. "I-uh-erm-Yeah." I said nervously."AWWE" everyone said except Harry. Harry just took my hand and walked me upstairs. We went into the guest bedroom, sat down and talked for what seemed like hours. Then I realized, I was still wearing Zayns clothes! I ran down stairs and Zayn was already changed? I guess he got some clothes from his room. "Here are your clothes" Zayn handed me my clothes and we started to laugh I went back upstairs and changed in the bathroom, throwing his clothes in the dirty clothes pile that was laying in the corner. I walked back to the guest room and Harry was still there laying on the bed. "I'm tired" I moaned. "The sleep" he laughed. I lied down beside Harry and slowly fell asleep with his arms wrapped around me and my head resting on his chest. I felt so safe around him. Maybe he has really changed.

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